Return to Fel'Zerul

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HordeReturn to Fel'Zerul
Start Atal'ai Exile
End Fel'zerul
Level 44 (Requires 38)
Category Hinterlands
Experience 7,230
Reputation +350 Orgrimmar
Previous H [44] The Atal'ai Exile
Next H [50] The Temple of Atal'Hakkar


Return to Fel'Zerul in Stonard.


Jammal'an the Prophet sentenced me to exile from The Temple of Atal'Hakkar. I once felt the high priest was a worthy leader.

His unyielding faith in his prophecy will bring about the destruction of the Atal'ai. If it hasn't already.

When I expressed my concerns, I was labeled an infidel and ousted from the temple.

Those artifacts you brought to me are harmless. But if Jammal'an has found the proper fetish enchantment for the summoning ritual, the world lies in great peril....


It has been quite some time since we spoke, <class>. I hope your journey was successful.

What knowledge did you gain from the exiled Atal'ai in the Hinterlands?



  1. H [43] Pool of Tears
  2. H [44] The Atal'ai Exile
  3. H [44] Return to Fel'Zerul
  4. H [50] The Temple of Atal'Hakkar

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