NeutralReturn to Irongrove Retreat
Start Solendra Featherdown
End Mythandros Irongrove
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Suramar
Previous N [45] Natural Adversaries, N [45] Moonwhisper Rescue, N [45] Managazer
Next N [45] Eminent Grow-main


Seek Mythandros at Irongrove Retreat.


We have three blessings from the creatures we share this land with.

Combined with a blessing from Elune, the moonwell will watch over this land for years to come.

Meet Mythandros at the retreat. I am sure he would like to include you in the ritual.


Welcome back. I see we are ready to begin.


On accept:

Solendra Featherdown says: I will bring the blessing to Mythandros directly. See you there!
She shapeshifts to storm crow form and flies off.

Return to Irongrove Retreat to find the night elves gathered in front of the moonwell, ready for the ritual.


  1. N [45] Feline Frantic
  2. Complete all of:
    • Yowlon quest chain
    1. N [45] Homeward Bounding
    2. N [45] You've Got to Be Kitten Me Right Meow
    • Kalendros Irongrove quest chain
    1. N [45] Missing Along the Way
    2. N [45] Not Here, Not Now, Not Ever
    3. N [45] The Only Choice We Can Make
  3. N [45] Redhoof the Ancient
  4. N [45] Fertilizing the Future & N [45] Prongs and Fangs
  5. N [45] The Final Blessing
  6. N [45] Natural Adversaries & N [45] Managazer & N [45] Moonwhisper Rescue
  7. N [45] Return to Irongrove Retreat
  8. N [45] Eminent Grow-main

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