NeutralReturn to Mardum
Start Matron Mother Malevolence
End Altruis the Sufferer / Kayn Sunfury
Level 10-45
Category Artifact
Experience 1,500
Rewards 1g 54s
Previous N Demon hunter [10-45] Securing the Way
Next N Demon hunter [10-45] Unbridled Power


Enter the Illidari Gateway to board the Fel Hammer in Mardum.

  • Enter the Illidari Gateway


The gateway is fully functional, <name>. Ooh, I am positively tingling with excitement!

Do let Jace and the others know that we eagerly await your arrival. There's so much to do and ever so little time.

You will be joining us aboard, won't you?


You will receive: 1g 54s


This place is built for war - it's exactly what we need to level the playing field.

This citadel was one of the Legion's most valuable assets - it will serve us well.



On accept

The named Illidari charge towards the Illidari Gateway.

Kor'vas Bloodthorn says: Illidari! The gateway is open. To the Fel Hammer!
Matron Mother Malevolence says: See you soon, handsome.
Arriving at the Fel Hammer
Matron Mother Malevolence says: It's been far too long, <name>. Far too long!
On approach
  • Altruis the Sufferer says: Welcome to the Fel Hammer, <name>.
  • Kayn Sunfury says: Welcome to our new home, <name>.


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