Return to Raene

Alliance 32.png Return to Raene
Start Shael'dryn
End Shael'dryn
Level 7-30 (Requires 7)
Category Ashenvale
Experience 185 XP
Reputation +10 rep with Darnassus
Previous Alliance 15.png  [7-30] Playing Possum
Next Alliance 15.png  [7-30] Dartol's Rod


Deliver Dartol's Rod to Raene Wolfrunner at Astranaar in Ashenvale.


I suggest you find Raene and let her know the rod is finished. I'm sure she'll know what your next course should be.

Be careful... I sense a great deal of power within it for both good and ill. I hope that you and Raene know what you are doing.

Good luck, <name>.


Yes, <name>? How go your efforts?


You've recreated the rod Teronis had set out to find? That's wonderful to hear.

Shael'dryn has been indispensible in her assistance. Teronis would be proud to see his quest is continuing even after his tragic passing.

<Raene looks over the reconstructed rod with a look of approval and thoughts racing behind her eyes.>

Now it is time for us to make use of its power to eliminate the enemies of Ashenvale!



  1. Alliance 15.png  [7-30] Finding Teronis
  2. Alliance 15.png  [7-30] The Lost Gem
  3. Alliance 15.png  [7-30] To Raene Wolfrunner
  4. Alliance 15.png  [7-30] Dryad Delivery
  5. Alliance 15.png  [7-30] Search the Bole
  6. Alliance 15.png  [7-30] Playing Possum
  7. Alliance 15.png  [7-30] Return to Raene
  8. Alliance 15.png  [7-30] Dartol's Rod
  9. Alliance 15.png  [7-30] King of the Foulweald
  10. Alliance 15.png  [7-30] A New Adornment
  11. Alliance 15.png  [7-30] True Power of the Rod

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