Return to Thander

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AllianceReturn to Thander
Start Automatic
End Thander
Level 64
Category Terokkar Forest
Experience 2,500
Rewards 80s
Previous A [63] Tracking Down the Culprits
Next A [64] A Bird's-Eye View


Return to Thander at the Allerian Stronghold with news of your findings.


Deirom's cargo doesn't seem to have been harmed or even opened. The cargo clearly seemed of interest to them, but it seems their prisoner was more important. What the arakkoa hoped to gain from attacking and kidnapping Deirom remains unclear, but the merchant is certainly not being held here.

Without any further clues as to how to continue your search, you decide it might be a good time to report your findings to Thander.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv bracer 16.png [Feathered Armbands] Inv bracer 03.png [Eagle Engraved Bracers]
Inv bracer 07.png [Feathered Wrist Cuffs] Inv bracer 08.png [Talonstalker Bracers]

You will receive:

  • 80s
  • 2,500 XP


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