Return to the Broken Shore (Horde)

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HordeReturn to the Broken Shore
Start High Overlord Saurfang
End Danica the Reclaimer
Level 98 - 110 (Requires 98)
Type Legendary
Category Artifact
Experience 18,850
Rewards 30g 80s
Previous H Warrior [98 - 110] A Desperate Plea
Next N Warrior [98 - 110] Odyn and the Valarjar


Take Saurfang's spare mount to the Broken Shore and fight alongside him to restore your honor.

  • Take the flight to the Broken Shore


Fear not, <name>. I'm angry, but I don't chase my own death.

We will fly in and scout the ideal point of attack. The demons are still drunk on their victory, but we will put a swift end to their revelry!

Take my spare mount and we will fly to the Broken Shore. There we will bring honor to our dead.


You will receive: 30g 80s


Welcome to Skyhold, hero. Normally one must die to gain entrance, but times have changed.



Use Makka to start the journey to the Broken Shore, passing by the island.

High Overlord Saurfang yells: Now to select the appropriate target. A Soul Engine, perhaps? That battleship might do...
A group of Legion siege weapons bombard Saurfang and the player!
High Overlord Saurfang yells: Cannons! Fly low and dodge the blasts!
Saurfang and his mount are hit, catching them on fire.
High Overlord Saurfang yells: <roars> Make them pay, <name>! Make them--
Saurfang falls toward the ocean, while the player continues until their mount is also hit, causing them to fall on the shore, where a group of vrykul are taking the battle against the demons.

Stage 1: Another Battle

A strange group of vrykul are here battling demons. They don't seem hostile. Approach them and learn their purpose.
  • Meet up with the vrykul.
Ragnvald Drakeborn yells: Shrug off your wounds, warriors! Another battle awaits!

Stage 2: A Desperate Charge

Another group of demons is attacking, aid the warband in crushing these foes.
  • Legion forces eliminated
Finna Bjornsdottir says: Havi didn't say they would be so short!
Ragnvald Drakeborn says: That old seer is mad, but rarely wrong. Come "friend," more demons approach! Prove your valor!

Keep killing the demons, finishing off with Fel Lord Dakuur.

Stage 3: The Val'kyr

A golden val'kyr named Danica the Reclaimer has arrived to collect the souls of the worthy. Watch the ritual.
  • Approach Danica
Danica says: Haardgrim! Alrik! Odyn has judged you worthy for his halls! Come with me to glory!
Ragnvald Drakeborn says: Watch over me from above, my brothers, and save me a seat in the hall!

Stage 4: Reinforcing the Warband

Demonic reinforcements approach with a large mo'arg. Defeat Bezzeredes and his allies.
  • Defeat Bezzeredes and his allies.
Ragnvald Drakeborn yells: A brute has joined the battle, little hero! Come and meet your fate before your place is taken!

Final Stage: Just A Pit Lord

Malgalor, Lord of Butchery has arrived to kill everyone. Stand with what remains of the warband. Kill Malgalor or die trying.
  • Defeat Malgalor

As Malgalor appears, every vrykul apart from Ragnvald and Finna is killed.

Malgalor yells: My forces are legion! Your efforts are futile!
Ragnvald Drakeborn yells: Wha... what was that?
Malgalor appears from the ridge.
Malgalor says: Enough! I will break you myself!
Finna Bjornsdottir yells: Well... will you look at that...
Ragnvald Drakeborn yells: At last! This is the glorious death Havi promised me!
Finna Bjornsdottir yells: I say we kill the demon instead! Little hero, you have proven yourself a worthy ally. Will you stand with us, even though it could mean our deaths?
Ragnvald Drakeborn says: Hah! With all of us together, we may yet be victorious! Either way, I'll not go down easily. Let us be about it then!
Finna Bjornsdottir says: I will salute your courage in the Halls of valor... or over this monster's corpse!

Fighting Malgalor is easy, but takes a long time. Interrupt Fel Firestorm when it's cast. At 75% health, Malgalor kills Finna:

Malgalor yells: Is that the best you can manage, weaklings? A few scratches?
Finna Bjornsdottir yells: I can still... fight...

At 50% Malgalor kills Ragnvald:

Malgalor yells: You will DIE like the insect you are!
Ragnvald Drakeborn yells: Fight on, hero... For me... the Halls await...

At 25% health:

Malgalor yells: Enough of this face! Face your destruction!
Malgalor yells: You... you yet stand. Impossible!
Malgalor yells: Death comes... but I will take you with me!
Malgalor casts Fel Rupture, killing himself and the player. Suddenly the val'kyr Danica the Reclaimer appears from the sky, whisking the player away.
Danica the Reclaimer yells: A valorous sacrifice! But it is not yet your time...

The player then appears in the Skyhold.

Danica the Reclaimer says: Welcome to Skyhold! Here the brave live on forever!


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