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Return to the Firelands (quest)

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NeutralReturn to the Firelands
Start Advisor Sevel
End Advisor Sevel
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Shaman Campaign
Experience 16,450
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N Shaman [110] A Promise of Earth
Next N Shaman [110] Ascendant of Flames


Complete the "Return to the Firelands" missions.


The time has come to return to the Firelands. I need not tell you how dangerous this will be, Farseer.

Ragnaros may be defeated, but the elementals of the Firelands destroy with reckless abandon. Our presence there will surely be seen as an act of aggression.

I have prepared a scouting mission to the Firelands. We should send only our very best champions to make contact with the elements there.

If the mission is successful, we may find the information we need to bring the Firelands into our fold.


You will receive: 19g 40s


It seems that our mission to the Firelands was a success, Farseer. We have much to discuss.




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