Return to the Surface (Alliance)

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AllianceReturn to the Surface
Start Matthias Lehner
End Thassarian
Level 80
Category Icecrown
Experience 11050
Previous N [80] Time to Hide
Next Field Repairs


Return to Thassarian aboard the Skybreaker.


You should leave now. You'll find a portal behind me. It'll take you to the surface.

We'll meet again. He'll be looking for you.

It's only a matter of time until he finds you.


It's you, <name>! We thought you were a goner!

That explosion of yours put quite a bit of hurt on the Scourge. Nearly took Captain Kendall's eyebrows off in the process...


  1. A [80] Exploiting an Opening / H [80] Opportunity
  2. A [80] Securing the Perimeter / H [80] Establishing Superiority
  3. A [80] Set it Off! / H [80] Blow it Up!
  4. N [80] A Short Fuse
  5. N [80] A Voice in the Dark
  6. N [80] Time to Hide
  7. A [80] Return to the Surface / H [80] Return to the Surface
  8. A [80] Field Repairs / H [80] Field Repairs

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