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For the priest talent, see Ability priest bindingprayers [Revelations]. For the quest, see N [20-35] Revelations.
Lo'gosh faces the naga
Author(s) Walter Simonson
Artist(s) Ludo Lullabi, Sandra Hope
Pages 32
Publisher(s) Wildstorm
Publication date May 21, 2008
Format(s) Comic
Retail price US: $2.99
CAN: $3.65
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Revelations is the seventh installment of the World of Warcraft comic.


During a sea voyage to Menethil Harbor, Lo'Gosh is attacked by the naga, led by a powerful female siren. Further secrets of Lo'Gosh's past are revealed and Valeera Sanguinar proves far more powerful — and more vulnerable — than any, but Broll, had suspected.[1][2]


Wavecutter, the private vessel of Jaina Proudmoore, makes its way across the Great Sea, carrying Lo'Gosh, Broll, and Valeera to the Eastern Kingdoms. During the voyage, Broll and Valeera banter about having to bow or curtsey for "his royalness" King Lo'Gosh, who is unamused. Lo'Gosh reflects that despite all that Jaina has told him, his past is still only a series of disconnected images. He's not sure he wants to be King Varian, and if he had a choice, he would choose to remain as a simple gladiator. However, as he has a son and a people who need him, his duty is clear. Valeera points out that Broll seems less angry than before, and he recounts his and Lo'Gosh's quest to cleanse the Idol of Remulos and restore Broll's inner balance.

Meanwhile, deep in the ocean, a group of naga led by Morgala Darksquall spot and recognize Wavecutter. Morgala points out that the vessel will likely be carrying treasure or important travelers that can be captured and ransomed. Either way, the ship will pay for trespassing through naga-controlled waters.

Wavecutter's voyage is stopped in its tracks as the ship becomes enveloped in a whirlpool and naga warriors begin surging out of the water and onto the ship. While the three companions battle the attackers, Broll and Valeera both point out that it's like their gladiator career in Dire Maul all over again, except for less money. Enraged that her best warriors are losing against two elves and a human, Morgala summons a giant couatl from the deep and begins using her magical trident to launch arcane energy bursts at the ship. Valeera notices this, but Broll tells her to stay away and warns her of the dangers of absorbing arcane energy.

Moments later, however, as Morgala begins charging a spell, Valeera jumps off the side of the ship, grabs the trident out of the siren's hand, and sinks beneath the waves, where she begins fighting more naga with the trident in one hand and her dagger in the other. Broll jumps in after her. Lo'Gosh remains aboard the ship, where the couatl attemps and fails to kill him by spitting deadly venom. In the water, the naga grab Broll — who has shifted into Ability druid aquaticform [Aquatic Form] — and begin pulling him down towards the seafloor. To save him, Valeera absorbs the trident's arcane energy to propel herself downwards, allowing her to kill Broll's captors and swim back with him toward the surface.

While the couatl is flying above Wavecutter, Lo'Gosh hurls a harpoon that buries itself in the creature's torso, killing it and causing it to crash onto the ship, destroying a portion of the deck. Moments later, Morgala jumps of out of the water and begins attacking the human with her sword. She states that she recognizes him from having captured him once before and is amazed that such a "passive grub" could find the will to wield a weapon, much to Lo'Gosh's confusion.

Meanwhile, Broll and Valeera breach the surface. Transforming back into his caster form, Broll snaps Morgala's trident in half and admonishes Valeera for recklessly tapping into arcane energy to save him. Shifting into Ability druid flightform [Flight Form], he picks up Valeera and begins carrying her back to the ship, where Lo'Gosh and Morgala are still dueling. Morgala suddenly infuses her sword with lightning and slashes Lo'Gosh across the face, giving him his distinctive crossed facial scars while simultaneously cutting open the slave collar around his neck. Lo'Gosh responds by grabbing Morgala around the throat, but as soon as he touches the siren, he experiences another rush of memories: he sees himself being attacked by naga on an island, being dragged from a ship bound for Theramore, sheddding tears at his wife's funeral, and standing before Stormwind's nobility at his coronation (with a dark-haired woman behind him).

Back on the ship, Lo'Gosh freezes as the memories wash over him. Morgala once again calls him a "weakling" and a "shadow of a man" and prepares to strike the killing blow. At the last moment, however, the human recovers. Yelling that he is the king of Stormwind and that nothing will keep him from his people, he cuts through Morgala's torso with a single blow, cleaving her body in half. Frightened, the remaining naga jump off the deck and disappear back into the water just as Broll and Valeera land on the ship. Lo'Gosh tells his companions that while he may be Varian the king, he is still Lo'Gosh, champion of the Crimson Ring and a friend to his friends. He tells them that they need to make repairs and resume the journey to the Eastern Kingdoms as quickly as possible, for he sees storm clouds gathering on the horizon.

A fresh breeze brings a chill in the air. As Valeera pulls her cloak more tightly about her, she glances skyward and sees for a moment something like a great, gray wolf blotting out the sun.


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