HordeRevenge Upon Magmoth
Start Ortrosh
End Ortrosh
Level 71 (Requires 69)
Category Borean Tundra
Experience 20100
Reputation +250 Horde Expedition
Rewards Choose one of:
 [Layered Frost Robes]
 [Reinforced Caribou-Hide Helm]
 [Spiked Magmoth Mantle]
 [Amberplate Legguards]
and 4g 70s


Kill 10 Magmoth Shaman, 5 Magmoth Foragers, 3 Magmoth Crushers, and 3 Mates of Magmothregar. Then, return to Ortrosh at Bor'gorok Outpost.


The overlord refuses to allow the shaman to heal my wounds. He says that it will be a good lesson for me and give me time to reflect upon my failure.

But you could get revenge for me and the others who fell at Magmoth!

I know that the spirit talker wants you to go in there to save the farseer.

It's just to the east. Go, <class>... go slay the magnataur and their snobold servants. Regain the outpost's honor!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Inv chest cloth 19.png [Layered Frost Robes] Inv helmet 108.png [Reinforced Caribou-Hide Helm]
Inv shoulder 76.png [Spiked Magmoth Mantle] Inv pants plate 15.png [Amberplate Legguards]

You will also receive: 4g 70s


The dead are honored by your actions, <name>.

Perhaps now I can find my way back to being the warrior I once was.

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