Rezan's Wake

Rezan's Wake is a Zandalari battleship and Princess Talanji's personal ship.

At an unknown point in time Talanji into negotiations with Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner, who desired the might of the Zandalari navy, while Talanji sought the strength of Horde champions to combat the threats within Zandalar.[1] However en route to Orgrimmar, Talanji and Prophet Zul were captured by the Alliance and placed within the Stormwind Stockade, while Rezan's Wake was docked at the Stormwind Harbor.

In time, a Horde strike team invaded the city and successfully rescued the captive Zandalari. As Talanji directed the vessel back towards Zandalar, it was attacked by Alliance ships, which destroyed the skull at the front of the ship, but Rezan's Wake was saved by the Zandalari navy.[2] After reaching Zuldazar, Rezan's Wake was docked at the Port of Zandalar in southern Dazar'alor, with Deathguard Sansa and Deathguard Malcolm remaining on board of the vessel.

Within Rezan's Wake Talanji, Rokhan, and Master Gadrin conducted a seance to contact the missing spirit of Vol'jin.[3]


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