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Image of Rezlak
Title Tinkers' Union,
Blueprints Vendor
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 1-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Ratchet, Tinkers' Union
Location Durotar[46, 23]
Status Alive

Rezlak is a goblin quest giver located by the road just north of the canyons south of Orgrimmar in Durotar. He is affiliated with the Tinkers' Union. He also gives the only 2 Alliance quests available in Durotar.

He is not seen during the events of the Siege of Orgrimmar, but he travels with the Horde to Draenor. He is part of the Horde's Garrison in Frostwall as the blueprints vendor.

Garrison blueprint vendor

Warlords of Draenor This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor.
Garrison Blueprints
Blueprint Building type Price Notes
 [Book of Garrison Blueprints] All 5g Teaches all level 1 blueprints (excluding Salvage Yard)
 [Alchemy Lab, Level 1] Small Free A [90] Shocking Assistance
H [90] Avenge and Reclaim
 [Alchemy Lab, Level 2] Small 750g
 [Alchemy Lab, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Working More Orders]
 [Enchanter's Study, Level 1] Small Free A [90] Oru'kai's Staff
H [90] Oru'kai's Scepter
 [Enchanter's Study, Level 2] Small 750g
 [Enchanter's Study, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Working More Orders]
 [Engineering Works, Level 1] Small Free A [90] Snatch 'n' Grab
H [90] Big Frostfire Gun
 [Engineering Works, Level 2] Small 750g
 [Engineering Works, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Working More Orders]
 [Gem Boutique, Level 1] Small Free A [90] Restoration
H [90] Diamonds Are Forever
 [Gem Boutique, Level 2] Small 750g
 [Gem Boutique, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Working More Orders]
 [Salvage Yard, Level 1] Small 150g Also reward from N [97] Flame On
 [Salvage Yard, Level 2] Small 750g
 [Salvage Yard, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Salvaging Pays Off]
 [Scribe's Quarters, Level 1] Small Free A [90] The Power of Preservation
H [90] Stealing the Declaration
 [Scribe's Quarters, Level 2] Small 750g
 [Scribe's Quarters, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Working More Orders]
 [Storehouse, Level 2] Small 750g
 [Storehouse, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Got My Mind On My Draenor Money]
 [Tailoring Emporium, Level 1] Small Free A [90] Hexcloth
H [90] Dyed in the Fur
 [Tailoring Emporium, Level 2] Small 750g
 [Tailoring Emporium, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Working More Orders]
 [The Forge, Level 1] Small Free A [93] Father and Son
H [90] Mending A Broken Heart
 [The Forge, Level 2] Small 750g
 [The Forge, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Working More Orders]
 [The Tannery, Level 1] Small Free A [90] Fair Trade
H [90] Cut 'Em Out!
 [The Tannery, Level 2] Small 750g
 [The Tannery, Level 3] Small 1,000g [Working More Orders]
 [Barn, Level 2] Medium 1,000g
 [Barn, Level 3] Medium 1,000g [Master Trapper]
 [Frostwall Tavern, Level 2]
 [Lunarfall Inn, Level 2]
Medium 1,000g
 [Frostwall Tavern, Level 3]
 [Lunarfall Inn, Level 3]
Medium 1,000g [Stay Awhile and Listen]
 [Gladiator's Sanctum, Level 2] Medium 1,000g
 [Gladiator's Sanctum, Level 3] Medium 1,000g [The Bone Collector]
 [Lumber Mill, Level 2] Medium 1,000g
 [Lumber Mill, Level 3] Medium 1,000g [Upgrading the Mill]
 [Trading Post, Level 2] Medium 1,000g
 [Trading Post, Level 3] Medium 1,000g [Savage Friends]
 [Barracks, Level 1] Large Free
 [Barracks, Level 2] Large 1,500g
 [Barracks, Level 3] Large 1,000g [Patrolling Draenor]
 [Dwarven Bunker, Level 2]
 [War Mill, Level 2]
Large 1,500g
 [Dwarven Bunker, Level 3]
 [War Mill, Level 3]
Large 1,000g [Filling the Ranks]
 [Gnomish Gearworks, Level 2]
 [Goblin Workshop, Level 2]
Large 1,500g
 [Gnomish Gearworks, Level 3]
 [Goblin Workshop, Level 3]
Large 1,000g [Terrific Technology]
 [Mage Tower, Level 2]
 [Spirit Lodge, Level 2]
Large 1,500g
 [Mage Tower, Level 3]
 [Spirit Lodge, Level 3]
Large 1,000g [Finding Your Waystones]
 [Stables, Level 2] Large 1,500g
 [Stables, Level 3] Large 1,000g [Master of Mounts]
 [Fishing Shack] Other Free N Fishing [90] Fish Fight
 [Fishing Shack, Level 2] Other 1,000g
 [Fishing Shack, Level 3] Other 1,000g [Draenor Angler]
 [Frostwall Mines, Level 2]
 [Lunarfall Excavation, Level 2]
Other 1,000g
 [Frostwall Mines, Level 3]
 [Lunarfall Excavation, Level 3]
Other 1,000g [Draenic Stone Collector]
 [Herb Garden, Level 2] Other 1,000g
 [Herb Garden, Level 3] Other 1,000g [Draenic Seed Collector]
 [Menagerie, Level 2] Other 1,000g
 [Menagerie, Level 3] Other 1,000g [Draenic Pet Battler]





Try to ignore the firm, feathery behinds of the harpies...the creatures are really quite deadly!

Town Hall, Frostwall

Sorry boss, Gazlowe says this place needs to be bigger before we think about remodeling. Come back once you upgrade to tier 2 and I will show ya what I got.


  • He was apparently planned to be the Frostwall architect,[1] instead of Gazlowe.

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