Amara and Jenafur

The Riddle of Jenafur is a puzzle to obtain  [Jenafur].

Step by step

This set of instructions just contains the highlights of what needs to be done but doesn't explain the puzzle or the solution.

  1. The riddle starts by talking to Amara Lunastar at the House of Edune in Ashenvale. [17.3, 49.4]
  2. Travel to the house of Donni Anthania in Elwynn Forest and interact with the Empty Dish. [44.2, 53.4]
  3. Travel to the Return to Karazhan and place meat on the Opera Hall floor in a set pattern. [46.9, 70.0]
  4. Pet the cat

Amara Lunastar

Amara Lunastar

The riddle starts by speaking with Amara Lunastar in southwestern Ashenvale:

I have been gone from here too long. I do hope someone is watching after my cat.
Gossip I will keep an eye out for it.

Empty Dish

Empty Dish

Next, head to Elwynn Forest, just outside Stormwind City to reach the house of Donni Anthania. Interact with the Empty Dish in the corner.

Return to Karazhan

The locations of the meats

Place the meats (the stage is down in this image)

Enter the Return to Karazhan dungeon (the side door, not the front door, which leads to the raid). Head down to the Opera Hall and clear all of the trash between the Opera Hall, Moroes, and the Maiden of Virtue.

Once the bosses and trash are clear, look for eight pieces of meat hidden in the dungeon.

The meats all have a five-minute despawn timer, so move quickly.

Once the eight have been gathered, place them in the Opera Hall audience area using the following pattern, noting that the stage is down (west) and the top of the image is to the east:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Juicy Drumstick
2 Slathered Rib Fishy Bits
5 Marbled Steak
6 Meaty Morsel
7 Fishy Bits
8 Marbled Steak
9 Juicy Drumstick
West (to stage)

Pet the cat


Should the meat all wind up in the correct tiles, Jenafur will spawn. /target her and then interact with her to learn  [Jenafur] as a battle pet.

If some food has despawned or items wound up in the wrong locations, the food will respawn five minutes after it was originally picked up at its original location. No need to reset the instance, just pick up more food.

Hints and clarifications

In contrast to previous puzzles, due to to the slow pace of the solve, Amara provided some hints:

January 8
Four Kibbles bounce in time, Four Kibbles count the time
March 24
kibbles of 4, sets the time, of a 4/4 beat, and defines the lines
May 16
Only one thing gets a kitty into the right mood, when you open up a can of just the right food
June 24
finally you'll just need to set the tune, to find the pattern take a top-down zoom
September 12
Two piles of treats
Set the 4/4 beat
The rest of the stanza
Is lined up neat
Upon the tiles
You place your notes
Eight morsels make the music
That our musician wrote

Some unofficial clarifications were also variously documented:

  • The secret is working as intended and can be soloed.
  • Not time gated/rep gated or requires anything with a low drop %.
  • No pets or toys required.
  • This secret is colour-blind and hard of hearing friendly.
  • You need to be at or above level 110 (pre-Shadowlands) / 45 (post-Shadowlands), since you are required to go into Return to Karazhan.
  • Doesn't require a previous secret.
  • The purpose of the kibble in Donni Anthania's house was to lead you to Karazhan.
  • Donni Anthania, her kittens and her house do not have anything to do with the solution of the current step.
  • Sound/Music volume is not required for the solution, but should be kept on as its part of the reward

Puzzle features

The dish and the kibble

An Empty Dish can be found in the house of Donni Anthania in Elwynn Forest. Beside it, a few bits of kibble can be seen on the floor. Two sets of four pieces of kibble can also be found near the Opera event in the Return to Karazhan.

Karazhan foods

Misc notes

  • Sebastian has a new line when spoken to: "Music is truly the key to happiness."



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