For the RPG class, see Mounted warrior.

Riders are combat units within an army. What sets them apart from a regular soldier is the ability to ride a mount into battle. Each race has different beasts for each rider, with some being able to fly.

Types of riders


Bat rider

Bats are ridden by Forsaken, trolls, orcs, and demon hunters. They are either used for transport, projectiles, or reconnaissance.

Dragon rider

Dragon riders are primarily used for combat. Famous examples are the orcs from the Second War and the vrykul. The Dragonmaw clan make use of proto-dragons.

Dragonhawk rider

Dragonhawks riders are ridden by high elven and blood elven warriors. Dragonhawks are used for transport but are also the first strike on an enemy.

Gryphon rider

Gryphons have a bond with the Wildhammer dwarf|Wildhammer dwarves and use them in coordinated attacks. Gryphons are also used as transport by the Alliance.

Hippogryph rider

Hippogryphs are used by night elves and ride them as archers or scouts. They are also used as transport. Argent Crusade members also use them.

Mechanical rider

Flying machines are used by dwarves, gnomes, and goblins for either transportation or warfare.

Cloud serpent rider

Cloud serpents are ridden by the Order of the Cloud Serpent, and they use them in defense of the Jade Forest.

Nether ray rider

The Sha'tari Skyguard use nether rays in their ranks to defend Shattrath City.

Wyvern rider

Wyverns are used by the Horde for patrolling their cities, transportation and setting buildings on fire.


Horse rider

Many knights of the Alliance ride horses into battle. These troops are known as cavalry. Well known organizations deploying horse riders are the Knights of the Silver Hand and the Argent Crusade.

Archmagi of the Kirin Tor ride horses as well.

Death knights of the Scourge and the Ebon Blade ride skeletal horses. Dark Riders are cursed humans who also steeds.

Kodo rider

Orc war drummers and tauren sometimes use kodo for warfare.

Nightsaber rider

Huntresses use nightsabers when going into battle. They are fast and strong.

Wolf rider

Raiders of the orcs are warriors who charge into battle on wolves.

Shaman have been portrayed riding wolves as well.

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