The Shadowlands rift

The Rift of the Shadowlands is a "dark corner of existence inhabited by shades"[1] of the Maw and Korthia also described as a "shadowy realm existing alongside our own".[2]

Most locations in the Rift are unnamed, but one — the Hollow of the Insolent — stands out. Find it where the Forlorn Respite would normally be on the Planes of Torment in the Maw.

A few rare enemies, required for  [Conquering Korthia], can only be found in the Rift of both the Maw and Korthia.

Getting there

A Rift Portal

There are three methods of accessing the Rift:

In the Maw, players must wait for the N [60WQ] Night Fae Assault, and the N [60] A Shady Place quest to be active, then use the provided  [Unbalanced Riftstone]. The riftstone grants access for ten minutes, though only in the Maw, and only near Calcis, the Crucible of the Damned and Detrithos, but the item can be used repeatedly until turning in the quest.

In Korthia, players must reach Tier 4 (honored) with the Archivists' Codex to purchase a  [Repaired Riftkey], then use the key on Rift Portals. This grants access for 15 minutes, and players can run from Korthia to the Maw after using a Korthian rift portal.

Additionally,  [Collapsing Riftstone]s can be found — typically on the corpses of rares, but extremely rarely on any Mawsworn mob — which open an Unstable Rift Portal anywhere in the Maw or Korthia that lasts for two minutes. Players who find and return Zovaal's Vault while already in the Rift will loot one or two riftstones from the chest. Anyone in the player's raid can use these portals, though the player who used the riftstone should go in last. This also grants 15 minutes of Rift access and players can cross between zones for the duration.


Hand of Nilganihmaht

Generic hostile


Zovaal's Vault


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