AllianceRight Beneath Their Nose
Start Shandris Feathermoon
End Shandris Feathermoon
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Alliance War Campaign
Experience 17,850
Reputation +150 7th Legion
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous A [120] My Enemy's Enemy is My Disguise
Next A [120] Victory is Assured


Plant 3 Remote-Detonation Deathbombs within the main warship in Warport Rastari.


We must continue with our primary goal, plant bombs on major Zandalari ships. There is one docked within the Warport.

You know what to do. Get beneath the boat, plant the bombs, and ensure no one sees... a blood troll using bombs.

My invisibility flask will give you the stealth you need, and Umbric believes the ritual will give you some other power to tap into.


You will receive:


Good luck, <name>, and stay safe.


Good work. The Zandalari will be in for a rude awakening when we blow up their flagships moments before our first naval incursion.


  • The player receives the Flask of Invisibility extra button


  1. A [120] Operation: Heartstrike
  2. A [120] Bringing Down the Fleet
  3. A [120] How to Sink a Zandalari Battleship
  4. A [120] Under the Cover of Swiftwing
  5. A [120] Sabotaging the Pa'ku & A [120] Ship Logs
  6. A [120] The Enlarged Miniaturized Submarine
  7. A [120] My Enemy's Enemy is My Disguise
  8. A [120] Intelligence Denial & A [120] Void Vacation & A [120] Right Beneath Their Nose
  9. A [120] Victory is Assured
  10. A [120] Victory Was Assured
  11. A [120] Leave None Alive
  12. A [120] Silencing the Advisor
  13. A [120] An End to the Killing
  14. A [120] Champion: Shandris Feathermoon

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