AllianceRillie Spindlenut
Image of Rillie Spindlenut
Title <Gnomeregan Quartermaster>
Gender Female
Race Gnome (Humanoid)
Level 80
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Gnomeregan
Location Silver Covenant Pavilion, Icecrown
Status Alive

Rillie Spindlenut can be found at the Silver Covenant Pavilion in the Argent Tournament Grounds in Icecrown as part of the Argent Tournament.


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Ability mount warhippogryph.png [Argent Hippogryph]
Inv weapon rifle 35.png [Blunderbuss of Khaz Modan]
Inv jewelry necklace 31.png [Choker of Spiral Focus]
Inv belt 44c.png [Cinch of Bonded Servitude]
Inv sword 143.png [Claymore of the Prophet]
Inv weapon shortblade 96.png [Dagger of Lunar Purity]
Inv weapon shortblade 96.png [Dagger of the Rising Moon]
Inv gauntlets 30.png [Gauntlets of Shattered Pride]
Inv belt 36.png [Girdle of Valorous Defeat]
Inv misc tournaments banner gnome.png [Gnomeregan Banner]
15 Champion's Seal
Inv sword 58.png [Gnomeregan Bonechopper]
Inv misc tournaments symbol gnome.png [Gnomeregan Commendation Badge]
1 Champion's Writ
Ability mount mechastrider.png [Gnomeregan Mechanostrider]
100 Champion's Seal
Inv misc tournaments tabard gnome.png [Gnomeregan Tabard]
Inv weapon rifle 35.png [Grapeshotter of Khaz Modan]
Inv mace 29.png [Ironforge Smasher]
Inv banner 02.png [Jouster's Fury]
Ability mount mechastrider.png [Mechanopeep]
40 Champion's Seal
Inv misc punchcards yellow.png [Music Roll: The Argent Tournament]
Inv jewelry necklace 15.png [Necklace of Valiant Blood]
Inv jewelry necklace 16.png [Pendant of Azure Dreams]
Inv belt 42b.png [Sash of Shattering Hearts]
Inv staff 96.png [Silvery Sylvan Stave]
Inv boots plate 09.png [Stanchions of Unseatable Furor]
Inv jewelry necklace 20.png [Susurrating Shell Necklace]
Inv axe 107.png [Teldrassil Protector]
Inv boots leather 02.png [Treads of Nimble Evasion]
Inv boots chain 04.png [Treads of the Glorious Spirit]
Ability mount mechastrider.png [Turbostrider]
500g 5 Champion's Seal
Inv belt 37a.png [Wrap of the Everliving Tree]



Hi there!

Sorry, friend, but only champions of Gnomeregan can buy what I've got.

Gossip I want to browse your goods.

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