Rin Longbrow

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NeutralRin Longbrow
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Gender Female
Race Pandaren
Class Hunter
Location Unknown
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Zhu (husband), Po (son), Yi-Mo (descendant)

Rin Longbrow was the wife of Zhu Longbrow, the famous pandaren hunter who founded the Zhu Province and Zhu's Watch. Together, Zhu, Rin and and their son Po carved out and settled a corner of the wilds in order to create safe passage through the Krasarang Wilds.[1]

Like her husband and son, Rin was a formidable hunter in her own right.[1] One of the three memorial bonfires which line the southwestern border of the Zhu Province and discourage beasts from wandering out of the wilds is named after her.[2]


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