For the subzone, see Ring of the Law.

Ring of Law is an encounter at the Ring of the Law in Blackrock Depths, overseen by High Justice Grimstone.

The event is started when a player stands on the mesh circle at the center of this area. The entrance to the ring is closed, and High Justice Grimstone appears in the ring. This dark iron dwarf is flagged red, but cannot be attacked; his purpose is to explain what is about to happen.

Adventure Guide

There is only one punishment for crimes committed against the Dark Iron dwarves: death. Ancient tradition calls for the guilty to pay the blood price in the Ring of the Law by battling savage creatures gathered from across Azeroth. To date, it is unknown if anyone has ever survived this brutal crucible.


Alternate Ring of Law battle

NOTE: Only players who completed the requisite quest prior to its removal in Cataclysm and did not destroy their Banner of Provocation are still able to initiate this alternate encounter.

The alternate boss-fight was a quest in the Dungeon 2 set upgrade questline which asks the player to kill a dwarf named Theldren and his gladiators in order to retrieve the  [Top Piece of Lord Valthalak's Amulet]. To do this, just go in the arena, use the  [Banner of Provocation] (must be placed near the center of the arena) while High Justice Grimstone is "sentencing" you, and destroy all the mobs that come out of the gates. On the second wave, where a boss should have arrived, Theldren and some random gladiators will appear instead.

Do not forget to get the Top Piece of Lord Valthalak's Amulet from Theldren.

These mobs behave like a PvP group which may include mages, healers, a hunter with a pet, rogues, a dynamite tossing goblin and always Theldren himself, who is a warrior. For more information, see Theldren's page. They are immune to taunts, so they will likely go for any healers in the player's group. Crowd control is a must in order to win this battle unless the group have a high-level player to help them.

The completion of the event spawns a box of loot. In addition, you get to keep the banner in case you want to get the loot again in the future.

Loot of note

If Theldren is killed, an Arena Spoils chest appears. One of these items will be inside it: