Ring of Trials: Captain Boomspark

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NeutralRing of Trials: Captain Boomspark
Start Dexyl Deadblade
End Dexyl Deadblade
Level 98 (Requires 98)
Category Nagrand (alternate universe)
Experience 18,500 experience
Rewards 29g 20s


Defeat Captain Boomspark in the Ring of Trials.


You've been making a name for yourself in the arena, <name>!

Don't get too excited though...fame has its consequences! You've been challenged by an up-and-coming gladiator who is looking to make a name for himself, sound familiar?

Your next fight is against Captain Boomspark, a mercenary who came here to fight for the Iron Horde.

The Iron Horde ain't exactly throwing piles of gold around, so now he's here!

He's got a shredder, so watch out for the blades... and the fire too... especially the fire!


I ain't ever seen anybody dismantle a shredder quite like that before!

You've made me a lot of money, <name>! Only the best gladiators survive this long in the arena; and yet, even with that in mind, there's still something different about you...

It's your eyes...they look as if they've stared death in the face a thousand times and never even blinked.

Take your cut of the profit and rest up, the biggest fight is still ahead!


You will also receive: 29g 20s


  • 18,500 XP
  • +350 reputation with Steamwheedle Draenor Expedition

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