Ring of the Kirin Tor

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The Ring of the Kirin Tor is sold by Harold Winston <Jewelry Vendor> in Dalaran for 8,500g. It can cost as low as 6,800g at exalted reputation with the Kirin Tor.

It allows the user to [Teleport] to Dalaran in Northrend every 30 minutes, and does not share a cooldown with the  [Hearthstone] or most other teleport items.

Kirin Tor reputation discounts

Reputation Discount Cost
Neutral - 8,500g
Friendly 5% 8,075g
Honored 10% 7,650g
Revered 15% 7,225g
Exalted 20% 6,800g


Buying this ring awards the achievement [Ring of the Kirin Tor].


This ring can be upgraded in Dalaran.


  •  [Jaina's Locket] is another option for a permanent teleport item to the Northrend version of Dalaran. Although it is considerably more difficult to normally obtain for most players, unlike the Ring of the Kirin Tor, it can be purchased via the Auction House.
  • It shares a teleport cooldown with the  [Inscribed Ring of the Kirin Tor], but the two rings can be worn simultaneously.

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