Not to be confused with Riplash (raptor).
Riplash Ruins
Main leader IconSmall Naga Male.gif Raj Naz'jan
Race(s) NagaNaga Naga
Character classes Myrmidon, Siren, Sorcerer, Priestess of the scale
Base of operations Riplash Ruins, Riplash Strand
Theater of operations Borean Tundra
Affiliation Nazjatar Empire

The Riplash are a group of naga found at Riplash Ruins and Riplash Strand in the Borean Tundra.

Recently, the Kvaldir took over their city and began sacrificing their members to awaken Leviroth, a being imprisoned in the waters below by Azshara five hundred years ago. When they ran out of naga, they began to take tuskarr. Their spirits will know no peace.[1]

Raj Naz'jan was the emperor of Riplash when Leviroth was imprisoned, and Azshara herself blessed his trident so it would slay the beast should it ever escape.[2]

They were using massive generators to melt the surrounding glaciers and ice caps, threatening to flood the entire region.[3]



Name Role Status Location
NeutralIconSmall Naga Male.gif Raj Naz'jan Emperor Unknown Unknown
NeutralIconSmall Naga Female.gif Veehja Priestess of the scale Alive Shrine of Scales, Borean Tundra


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