For other uses, see Rise, Champions.
NeutralRise, Champions
Start Battlelord Gaardoun
End Kor'vas Bloodthorn
Level 10-45
Category Demon Hunter Campaign
Experience 7,600
Rewards 300 Order Resources
7g 90s
Previous N Demon hunter [10-45] Return to the Fel Hammer
Next N Demon hunter [10-45] Things Gaardoun Needs


Recruit Altruis the Sufferer / Kayn Sunfury and Asha Ravensong as your first champions.

  • Altruis the Sufferer / Kayn Sunfury recruited
  • Asha Ravensong recruited


The matron mother, Lady S'theno, and I have been watching you and the rest of the Illidari. We have something of an outsider's perspective on things, which gives us a degree of objectivity. We have come to a unanimous recommendation: in order to keep the Illidari from splintering, you must begin to recruit champions.

These exalted few will aid in projecting your power beyond the confines of the Fel Hammer.

Our unanimous recommendations for the first two are Altruis / Kayn and Asha.


You will receive:

  • 7g 90s
  • 7,600 XP
  • 300 Order Resources


Yes, <name>?


You have selected your first two champions. There are great things ahead of us, <name>.

<Kor'vas mutters something under her breath about not being one of them.>


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Yeah? What is it, <name>?

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