AllianceRise, Obsidion!
Start Dying Archaeologist
End Curator Thorius
Level 46 (Requires 40)
Category Searing Gorge
Experience 8650
Reputation +125 Alliance

 [Ring of Fortitude]  [Centurion Legplates]

 [Lordrec Helmet]
1g 30s


Slay Lathoric the Black and Obsidion, and return to Thorius in Ironforge with the  [Head of Lathoric the Black] and the  [Heart of Obsidion].


It... It... It was all a trap.

Forgive... me.

Kill the traitor... Kill him for us... for Thorius.

Cut scene upon accepting

Dorius appears
Dorius says: Fools. I knew that if I played upon my brother's feeble emotions, he would send 'rescuers.'
Dorius says: How easy it was to manipulate you into recovering the last Suntara stone from those imbeciles of the Twilight's Hammer.
Dorius says: When I stumbled upon the Suntara stones at the Grimesilt Digsite, the power of Ragnaros surged through my being. It was Ragnaros that gave me a purpose.
Dorius says: It was the will of Ragnaros that Obsidion be built. Obsidion will destroy the Blackrock orcs of Blackrock Spire, uniting us with our bretheren in the fiery depths.
Dorius says: And ultimately, it was Ragnaros that named me when I was reborn as an acolyte of fire: Lathoric... Lathoric the Black.
Lathoric the Black says: Your task is complete. Prepare to meet your doom.
Lathoric the Black says: Obsidion, Rise and Serve your Master!


I don't believe you! Show me proof!


<Thorius' face turns white.>

This... this cannot be. My own brother? He set this all up?

<Thorius' face contorts in anger.>

He betrayed me, he betrayed Ironforge! It seems as if the influence of the Old Gods is still strong in these lands. I fear that if my brother - a once noble and honorable man - was so easily turned to the will of Ragnaros, no one is safe.



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv jewelry ring 11.png [Ring of Fortitude] Inv pants 04.png [Centurion Legplates]
Inv helmet 11.png [Lordrec Helmet]

You will also receive: 1g 30s


It is not necessary to abandon/retake this quest to restart it. Simply click on the altar.


  1. A [46] Suntara Stones
  2. A [48] Suntara Stones
  3. A [55] Dwarven Justice
  4. A [46] Release Them
  5. A [46] Rise, Obsidion!

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