NeutralRise of the Illidari
Start Kayn Sunfury
End Kayn Sunfury
Level 8-45
Category Demon hunter
Experience 37,700
Rewards 15g 40s
Previous N Demon hunter [8-45] Breaking Out
Next N Demon hunter [8-45] Stop Gul'dan!


Free 8 Illidari Prisoners.

  • Imprisoned Illidari freed (8)


Look down there. We are vastly outnumbered.

We will need more allies on our side if we are to escape from here intact. Free the other Illidari imprisoned within the cells of this chamber.

We will need everyone to escape this place alive.


You will receive:

  • 15g 40s
  • 37,700 XP


Have you freed those you found in the cells?


We always knew the Illidari would be called upon to defend this world. It is why we sacrificed everything to become who... WHAT... we are.


Maiev, Kayn, and Altruis outside the Vault of the Betrayer

On accept, Altruis runs further into the Illidari Ward before despawning.

Kayn Sunfury says: The demons aim to destroy our world. We need to release our allies.

Interact with the Warden Cells scattered throughout the ward to free various named Illidari. Upon being released, each one has something different to say:

  • Allari the Souleater says: The Wardens seek our help? Things must be desperate.
  • Asha Ravensong says: Ahhhh, it feels good to MOVE again. Thank you, <name>.
  • Cyana Nightglaive says: Years and years with only the voices in my head. I thought I would go insane.
  • Falara Nightsong says: We will need weapons and supplies if we are to break out of here. I am on it, <name>.
  • Jace Darkweaver says: I will go ahead and secure the elevators.
  • Kor'vas Bloodthorn says: <Name>, it has been a long time since Mardum. I am ready for another fight.
  • Lyana Darksorrow says: My blades are ready, <name>. I will check on the situation ahead.
  • Marius Felbane says: I sense demons nearby. After all that time in stasis, I am ready to hunt.

Note that several of the messages shown upon freeing the demon hunters refer to them with the wrong names: Lyana's message says "Kelestra Sorrowsong", Falara's says "Sirius Ebonwing", and Marius' says "Cassiel Nightthorn".

After completing the objectives of both Rise of the Illidari and N Demon hunter [8-45] Fel Infusion, head west into the Tomb of the Penitent, where Bastillax's voice will taunt the player:

Bastillax says: Ahahaha... so the desperate Warden has turned to her enemies? Give up, demon hunter! If you hope to escape the Vault, you will have to face ME.

Maiev, Kayn, and Altruis are waiting outside the door to the Vault of the Betrayer. On approach:

Maiev Shadowsong says: Gul'dan could never access this chamber. One of my Wardens has betrayed me!
Kayn Sunfury says: I, too, have felt betrayal by my own kind.


  • When freeing Falara Nightsong, the name Sirius Ebonwing appears.
  • When freeing Lyana Darksorrow, the name Kelestra Sorrowsong appears.
  • When freeing Marius Felbane, the name Cassiel Nightthorn appears.
  • During the Legion beta, Cyana used to say "A decade with only the voices inside my head. I thought I would go insane", even though Legion only takes place six years after the events of The Burning Crusade. The mistake was eventually corrected.[1]


  1. N Demon hunter [8-45] Breaking Out
  2. Complete both:
  3. N Demon hunter [8-45] Stop Gul'dan!
  4. N Demon hunter [8-45] Grand Theft Felbat
  5. Complete all of:
  6. N Demon hunter [8-45] All The Way Up
  7. N Demon hunter [8-45] A New Direction
  8. N Demon hunter [8-45] Between Us and Freedom
  9. N Demon hunter [8-45] Illidari, We Are Leaving

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