Rites of the Earthmother

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HordeRites of the Earthmother
Start Chief Hawkwind
End Seer Graytongue
Level 3 (Requires 1)
Category Red Cloud Mesa
Experience 250
Reputation +250 Thunder Bluff
Previous A Humble Task
Next H [4] Rite of Strength


Travel to Seer Graytongue who lives in the hills directly south of Camp Narache.


Your willingness to perform a humble task for the tauren of Narache and your eagerness to learn are noble traits, <name>. I believe one day you will be heralded in Thunder Bluff as a <class> of greatness.

Before that you must embark on the Rites of the Earthmother, of which there are three.

The first test is the Rite of Strength. Travel to Seer Graytongue and tell him Chief Hawkwind has sent you.

You will find the seer's abode directly to the south of Camp Narache, tucked away in the hills.


Chief Hawkwind sent you? Embarking on the Rites of the Earthmother is no small task...



  1. H [2] A Humble Task
  2. H [3] A Humble Task
  3. H [3] Rites of the Earthmother
  4. H [4] Rite of Strength
  5. H [5] Rites of the Earthmother
  6. H [6] Rite of Vision
  7. H [7] Rite of Vision
  8. H [7] Rite of Vision
  9. H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif [10] Rite of Wisdom
  10. H [10] Journey into Thunder Bluff
  11. H [14] Rites of the Earthmother

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