NeutralRitssyn Flamescowl
Image of Ritssyn Flamescowl
Title <Council of the Black Harvest>
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Class Warlock
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Council of the Black Harvest; Orgrimmar (ostensibly), Armies of Legionfall
Occupation Champion and Second of the Black Harvest,[1] Enchanter
Location Various
Status Alive
Student(s) Kira Iresoul
Companion(s) Fhambar (felhound)

Ritssyn Flamescowl is a powerful orc warlock member of the Council of the Black Harvest. After participating in the fall of Ragnaros, he convened with his fellow warlocks of the Council. He was partnered with Zinnin Smythe to go back to Sulfuron Keep and gather the power left behind by the Firelord.[2]


Ritssyn was once Kira Iresoul's mentor, but as she infiltrated the Argus Wake cult, he abandoned her. Kira has resented him ever since and can not trust him anymore, convinced that Ritssyn is interested in only one thing, power.

Ritssyn was greatly burned by the flames of Ragnaros, and has a permanent mane of fire. His eyes glow and cast eerie shadows over his burn-scarred face and thick-tusked grin.[2] Jubeka Shadowbreaker believed that Ritssyn was so powerful he could probably instantly annihilate Kanrethad Ebonlocke. However, he would not be able to combat all the Council members together.[2]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

After the Battle for the Broken Shore, Ritssyn and the rest of the Council of the Black Harvest sought out a powerful warlock to take place as the Sixth member of the Council, having since lost Kanrethad. They met in the sewers of Dalaran to open a portal into the deepest parts of the Twisting Nether and bind a powerful demon to their will in order to grow stronger against the Burning Legion.[3] Things went wrong as the powerful demon they managed to summon, Jagganoth, overwhelmed the Council, killed Zelifrax Wobblepox, and took the others captive on his personal world, Dreadscar Rift.

There, Ritssyn died from his wounds but was eventually resurrected some time later by the Sixth of the Black Harvest after they managed to kill Jagganoth and take control of Dreadscar Rift. Ritssyn could hardly believe his eyes: for one warlock to control an entire army of demons was beyond what he thought the Council was capable of.[4] They decided to track down and free the others in order to reform the Council of the Black Harvest to prepare for the dreadlord Mephistroth's retaliation, who was terribly enraged since he had lost one of his most powerful lieutenants, Jagganoth, and Dreadscar Rift. With their members scattered and Mephistroth on their heels, Ritssyn claimed that they needed the Netherlord to take leadership of the Council, and named them the First of the Council of the Black Harvest.[5]

To save the other members of the Council, they enlisted the aid of Ritsynn's ex-apprentice, Kira Iresoul for her knowledge of demonic gateway. After helping her with her tasks, she accepted to fulfill her part of the bargain and aid in the opening of a powerful gateway to the world of Niskara where the Council members were being held captive by Mephistroth.[6]

Kira led the ritual of the gateway's summoning, during which Ritssyn acknowledged that her power had grown since the last time they met. The First crossed the portal and rescued their colleagues, except for Shinfel Blightsworn who was nowhere to be found. This was terrible news to the Council: if Mephistroth managed to break Shinfel, he would be able to mount a devastating attack against Dreadscar Rift armed with her power and knowledge.[7]

The First and Ritssyn needed to gather the tools to perform a powerful enough ritual to summon Shinfel back to Dreadscar. In order to create the anchor needed for the ritual of summoning, they needed to link something of Shinfel's to an unclaimed soul. The soul would act like a beacon, guiding Shinfel through the Twisting Nether and back to Dreadscar Rift. Shinfel's staff provided them with the link they need, but the soul was a bit harder to find: the First had to slay the Amalgam of Souls within Black Rook Hold to retrieve a powerful, lost and forgotten soul.[8]

Creating the anchor required more power than the Council members' soul shards were able to provide, so they sent the Dreadscar troops, which are capable of amassing a large amount of soul shards when they defeat enemies, gather more. Ritssyn then harvested the soul shard supply and used it to craft the anchor.[9]

Ritssyn thus finally bound Shinfel's soul to her staff and he, alongside Kira and the First, proceeded and summoned Shinfel. But she was dizzy, and in pain: she had been afflicted with a Curse of Doom by the Eredar Twins, Lady Sacrolash and Grand Warlock Alythess.[10]

Since only the caster of a curse could remove the curse entirely, the Council decided they had to summon the powerful Eredar Twins to force them to cure Shinfel. Having lost their master demonologist, Zelifrax Wobblepox, they sought out one powerful enough to help in this task. They settled on Wilfred Fizzlebang's sister Lulubelle.

The Council then summoned the Eredar Twins and managed to enslave them using Kira's Bloodstone, and forced them to cure Shinfel.

He participated in the Battle for the Exodar against High General Rakeesh, along with Calydus.


Ritssyn with the other class order champions, Khadgar and Velen.

Ritssyn was one of the order hall champions who met Khadgar and Velen at Krasus' Landing to discuss the Pillars of Creation. During the second invasion of the Broken Shore, Ritssyn provides a Demonic Gateway to access the Legion ship where Mephistroth resides.[11] On Archmage Modera's request, he also helps to stop the summoning of a succubus named Agatha in Dalaran.[12][13]


Ritssyn with Magni and the other Horde heroes.

When Magni called upon the champions of the Armies of Legionfall to draw the corruption out of the Sword of Sargeras, Ritssyn carried the  [Scepter of Sargeras] if the player was not a warlock, representing the Council of the Black Harvest.[14]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Dalaran 100 4,486,980
N Warlock [10-45] The New Blood 100 5,047,846
N Warlock [10-45] Rebuilding the Council 100 4,486,980
Dreadscar Rift 100 - 101 5,283,000
N Warlock [45] Soul Beacon 110 15,589,005
N [45] Armies of Legionfall 113 11,505,870
B [110] The Speaker's Call 113 11,505,870



  • Rebuilding the council is our key to defeating the Legion, but it's a task that cannot be completed alone. You could use someone at your side, someone who's familiar with the burden of leadership. I would be honored to serve as Second. Through your power and guidance, we can rebuild.[15]
  • What is it?
  • Make it quick.
  • I've no time for trivialities.
  • What?
  • How these robes aren't flammable...
  • You know, I could use some aloe.
  • What happen to my face? Stood in the fire one too many times.
  • Very well.
  • Are we done?
  • The Felfire beckons.
  • If you mess with Felfire, you get burned.

Combat ally

  • This is beneath me.
  • You will burn!
  • I will leave but cinders!
Killed a mob
  • Our enemies turn to ash!
  • All shall burn!
  • My fire consumes all!
  • A minor... setback...
  • I am hurt... go on without me...

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