NeutralRituals of Power
Start Magus Tirth
End Tabetha
Level 40 (Requires 30)
Type Dungeon
Category Mage
Experience 341-3150 XP
Previous N Mage [30] Get the Scoop
Next N Mage [40] Mage's Wand

Rituals of Power is a mage-only quest in the Mage's Wand quest chain to get one of three wands.


Bring the book Rituals of Power to Tabetha in Dustwallow Marsh.


Hm... now that I think about it I don't have my book! You see, I had some gambling debts and to pay them off I sold the last copy of Rituals of Power to a member of the clergy...

A member of the Scarlet Brotherhood. He must have taken it to their library in the Scarlet Monastery in Tirisfal Glades!

If you want that book then you'll have to go to the monastery to find it. And sorry about all the trouble. I'm not myself these days...


Greetings, <name>. Did you find the book,  [Rituals of Power]?


That's it! It's just what I need to prepare for the ritual to create your wand! I hope it wasn't too much trouble to find...


The  [Rituals of Power] book is on the northern end of the hallway leading to Arcanist Doan, left from the entrance (in the Scarlet Monastery library wing).


  1. N Mage [38] Journey to the Marsh
  2. Two independent parts:
    1. N Mage [40] Items of Power
    1. N Mage [38] Hidden Secrets
    2. N Mage [30] Get the Scoop
    3. N Mage [40D] Rituals of Power
  3. N Mage [40] Mage's Wand

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