Rivett Clutchpop

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HordeRivett Clutchpop
Image of Rivett Clutchpop
Title <Horde Supplies>
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Orgrimmar, Bilgewater Cartel, Kezan Blasterboots Inc., Horde
Location Various
Status Alive

Rivett Clutchpop is a goblin engineer in the service of the Horde warship Hellscream's Fist.


Mists of Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

He is the one that first sights the new uncharted land that the airship's crew is searching for. After the first Alliance attack, he can be found on the lower bridge talking with Sky Marshal Schwind.

After the airship is taken down by Alliance gyrocopters, he is one of the few survivors, and regroups with Nazgrim, Shokia, Gorrok, Kiryn and the player at Honeydew Village, in the Jade Forest. Later he tasks adventurers with various quests to establish the Horde's presence and to secure the loyalty of the Forest Hozen as Horde allies. After the finale of the Jade Forest, he is transported to Kun-Lai Summit where he works with the Horde agents to set a foothold.

He is seen helping with the construction of Domination Point in Krasarang Wilds and later he defends the hold when the Alliance attacks.

He later aids the rebellion in the Garrosh's Underhold and can be seen standing in the Celestial Court on the Timeless Isle. He can also be seen during the Celestial Tournament.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Durotar 88 2,713,760
Jade Forest 85 77,490
Jade Forest 85 127,254
Kun-Lai Summit 87 214,985
Krasarang Wilds 90 393,941
Domination Point (scenario) 90 393,941
Timeless Isle 87 214,985
Siege of Orgrimmar (instance) 91 407,532


Jade Forest

Pointer repair on 32x32.png This vendor offers a repair service.

Item Cost
 [Faded Forest Amulet] 33g 85s 6c
 [Faded Forest Armored Bracers] 29g 60s
 [Faded Forest Armored Chestpiece] 62g 20s 98c
 [Faded Forest Armored Gauntlets] 30g 82s 78c
 [Faded Forest Armored Girdle] 29g 2s 8c
 [Faded Forest Armored Helm] 46g 90s 24c
 [Faded Forest Armored Legguards] 58g 16s 42c
 [Faded Forest Armored Shoulders] 43g 87s 85c
 [Faded Forest Armored Warboots] 46g 23s
 [Faded Forest Axe] 82g 79s 88c
 [Faded Forest Badge] 48g 65s 43c
 [Faded Forest Band] 32g 29s 27c
 [Faded Forest Barrier] 52g 38s 50c
 [Faded Forest Battlemace] 106g 67s 46c
 [Faded Forest Blade] 82g 48s 1c
 [Faded Forest Burnished Bracers] 31g 27s 35c
 [Faded Forest Burnished Chestguard] 59g 50s 27c
 [Faded Forest Burnished Clasp] 31g 50s 10c
 [Faded Forest Burnished Gloves] 30g 27s
 [Faded Forest Burnished Greaves] 45g 39s 95c
 [Faded Forest Burnished Headcover] 44g 88s 5c
 [Faded Forest Burnished Legplates] 63g 9s 1c
 [Faded Forest Burnished Spaulders] 43g 4s 81c
 [Faded Forest Cape] 43g 72s 51c
 [Faded Forest Chain Armor] 61g 76s 36c
 [Faded Forest Chain Gauntlets] 30g 60s 35c
 [Faded Forest Chain Helm] 45g 37s 70c
 [Faded Forest Chain Leggings] 57g 72s 40c
 [Faded Forest Chain Links] 31g 83s 44c
 [Faded Forest Chain Sabatons] 45g 89s 60c
 [Faded Forest Chain Spaulders] 43g 54s 45c
 [Faded Forest Chain Wristguards] 31g 60s 70c
 [Faded Forest Choker] 33g 85s 6c
 [Faded Forest Cloak] 44g 5s 45c
 [Faded Forest Combat Staff] 106g 27s 62c
 [Faded Forest Crossbow] 107g 47s 13c
 [Faded Forest Dagger] 86g 92s 45c
 [Faded Forest Diviner's Rod] 105g 88s 86c
 [Faded Forest Drape] 43g 55s 81c
 [Faded Forest Emblem] 48g 65s 43c
 [Faded Forest Greatsword] 109g 44s 16c
 [Faded Forest Handaxe] 85g 65s 83c
 [Faded Forest Heavy Armplates] 31g 71s 92c
 [Faded Forest Heavy Chestpiece] 61g 98s 67c
 [Faded Forest Heavy Gauntlets] 30g 71s 57c
 [Faded Forest Heavy Girdle] 28g 91s 17c
 [Faded Forest Heavy Helm] 46g 74s
 [Faded Forest Heavy Legguards] 57g 94s 11c
 [Faded Forest Heavy Shoulders] 43g 71s 15c
 [Faded Forest Heavy Warboots] 46g 6s 30c
 [Faded Forest Hide Belt] 31g 27s 65c
 [Faded Forest Hide Bindings] 31g 4s 92c
 [Faded Forest Hide Footguards] 43g 87s 40c
 [Faded Forest Hide Gloves] 30g 4s 86c
 [Faded Forest Hide Helm] 44g 54s 65c
 [Faded Forest Hide Legguards] 62g 65s
 [Faded Forest Hide Robes] 59g 5s 65c
 [Faded Forest Hide Spaulders] 47g 23s 64c
 [Faded Forest Insignia] 48g 65s 43c
 [Faded Forest Leather Armwraps] 31g 49s 48c
 [Faded Forest Leather Belt] 31g 72s 22c
 [Faded Forest Leather Boots] 45g 73s 35c
 [Faded Forest Leather Gloves] 30g 49s 43c
 [Faded Forest Leather Helm] 45g 21s
 [Faded Forest Leather Legguards] 57g 50s 10c
 [Faded Forest Leather Spaulders] 43g 38s 20c
 [Faded Forest Leather Tunic] 61g 54s 5c
 [Faded Forest Locket] 33g 85s 6c
 [Faded Forest Loop] 32g 29s 27c
 [Faded Forest Mace] 90g 15s 44c
 [Faded Forest Manteau] 43g 89s 21c
 [Faded Forest Medal] 48g 65s 43c
 [Faded Forest Medallion] 48g 65s 43c
 [Faded Forest Meditation Staff] 105g 49s 3c
 [Faded Forest Necklace] 33g 85s 6c
 [Faded Forest Pendant] 33g 85s 6c
 [Faded Forest Ring] 32g 29s 27c
 [Faded Forest Ringmail Armbands] 31g 16s 13c
 [Faded Forest Ringmail Armor] 59g 27s 96c
 [Faded Forest Ringmail Gauntlets] 30g 16s 8c
 [Faded Forest Ringmail Helm] 44g 71s 35c
 [Faded Forest Ringmail Leggings] 62g 87s 30c
 [Faded Forest Ringmail Sabatons] 44g 3s 65c
 [Faded Forest Ringmail Spaulders] 42g 88s 56c
 [Faded Forest Ringmail Waistguard] 31g 38s 87c
 [Faded Forest Saber] 86g 28s 71c
 [Faded Forest Satin Cord] 31g 16s 44c
 [Faded Forest Satin Cuffs] 30g 94s
 [Faded Forest Satin Gloves] 29g 13s 30c
 [Faded Forest Satin Hood] 44g 37s 95c
 [Faded Forest Satin Leggings] 62g 42s 68c
 [Faded Forest Satin Mantle] 47g 6s 94c
 [Faded Forest Satin Robe] 58g 83s 94c
 [Faded Forest Satin Treads] 43g 70s 70c
 [Faded Forest Scepter] 86g 60s 58c
 [Faded Forest Seal] 32g 29s 27c
 [Faded Forest Shawl] 43g 39s 11c
 [Faded Forest Shield] 52g 58s 88c
 [Faded Forest Signet] 32g 29s 27c
 [Faded Forest Silk Amice] 43g 21s 51c
 [Faded Forest Silk Cord] 31g 61s 1c
 [Faded Forest Silk Cowl] 45g 4s 30c
 [Faded Forest Silk Cuffs] 31g 38s 57c
 [Faded Forest Silk Handguards] 30g 38s 21c
 [Faded Forest Silk Robe] 59g 72s 57c
 [Faded Forest Silk Treads] 45g 56s 65c
 [Faded Forest Silk Trousers] 57g 27s 80c
 [Faded Forest Smasher] 87g 24s 32c
Siege of Orgrimmar
Inv scroll 03.png 1x [Schematic: Adamantite Rifle]
Inv scroll 03.png [Schematic: Adamantite Scope]
Inv scroll 03.png [Schematic: Cogspinner Goggles]
Inv scroll 03.png [Schematic: Fel Iron Toolbox]
Inv scroll 03.png [Schematic: Ultra-Spectropic Detection Goggles]


Jade Forest
Kun-Lai Summit
Krasarang Wilds

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In Honeydew Village.
Honeydew Village gossip

I could get used to livin' like this.

Kor'kron Barracks
I've got the brains, you've got the muscle. Together, we'll make beautiful carnage.

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As he uses [Expose Armor],[citation needed]  he may be a rogue.


Into the Mists

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