Image of Robin
Title <The Entertainer>
Gender Male
Race Djinn (Elemental)
Level 35-40
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location South Sea, Nagrand [74.9, 96.8]

Robin is a djinn found in the South Sea in Nagrand, south of Grommashar. When freed from his Ever-Burning Lamp, Robin proclaims "PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS!" before shrinking back down, adding "Itty bitty living space."


  • He is named after and created in tribute to the late comedian Robin Williams, who was a fan of the Warcraft series among other video games.[1][2]
  • Robin's quotes and status as a djinn are a reference to Genie from Aladdin, one of Robin Williams's most beloved roles. The quotes are spoken by Genie during a scene in the film, where he explains that his "phenomenal cosmic powers" are balanced by his "itty bitty living space" inside the lamp.[3]
  • Near Robin can be found a large broken egg, likely a tribute to another of Williams' well-known roles as Mork, an alien who had come to earth in a egg-shaped one-man spaceship.


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