Rocket Rescue

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AllianceRocket Rescue
Start Kelsey Steelspark
End Kelsey Steelspark
Level 45 (Requires 43)
Category Tanaris
Experience 5540
Reputation +250 Gnomeregan
Rewards  [Nasmira's Soup Stirrer] or
 [Dud Bomb] or
 [Salvaged Steamwheedle Helm] or
 [Failed Liferocket Prototype]
Previous Breadcrumbs
Next B [46] Momentum


Deliver Liferockets to 5 Steamwheedle Survivors and use bombs to kill 40 Southsea Blockaders.


When the water came in, Steamwheedle Port to the east was flooded, and a lot of poor goblins are still stuck there! Now those mean pirates are shooting at any boat that leaves the docks here.

But they won't expect us to fly! There's a hot air balloon by the docks. We can use that, fly over to rescue the goblins, and take care of the pirates, too. Mr. Noggenfogger will be so pleased!

Go to the docks and hop in the balloon and I'll be right behind you, okay? I've got to get some rockets...


That was great! It looks like most of the goblins we helped made it back here and didn't blow up. We really showed that goblin girl!

Here's a special reward for you, mister.


You will receive: 65s

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv staff 26.png [Nasmira's Soup Stirrer] Inv misc orb 04.png [Dud Bomb]
Inv helmet 174.png [Salvaged Steamwheedle Helm] Inv weapon rifle 41.png [Failed Liferocket Prototype]


  1. Breadcrumbs:B [43] Tanaris is Calling, A [45] Hero's Call: Tanaris!, H [45] Warchief's Command: Tanaris!
  2. B [45] Rocket Rescue

Butcherbot Quests:

  1. N [45] Butcherbot
  2. N [45] Scavengers Scavenged
  3. N [45] Blisterpaw Butchery

Patches and hotfixes

  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2011-09-09): If the Steamwheedle Rescue Balloon is killed at the start of Rocket Rescue, players should now be ejected properly, and the ballon reset to its home location.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Added.

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