For lore, see rocket.

Rocket mounts are epic flying mounts that were introduced in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. With Mists of Pandaria, two more rocket mounts were added, but are easier to obtain as they are crafted by players.

Unique trading card mounts

These mounts are all gained by using a code from specific cards from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

Event mounts

 [X-45 Heartbreaker] is available during the Love is in the Air seasonal event, looted from the  [Heart-Shaped Box].


The Recruit-A-Friend program rewards players with this mount. This mount is one of three flying passenger mounts.


Engineers can learn to create a rocket mount based on their specialization, which can be sold to non-engineers. Gnomish engineering can only make the  [Geosynchronous World Spinner], while Goblin engineering can only make the  [Depleted-Kyparium Rocket].