NeutralRocks Fall, People Die
Start Automatic
End Automatic
Level 35 (Requires 35)
Type Weekly Raid
Category Throne of Thunder
Repeatable Yes

Rocks Fall, People Die is one of seven random weekly raid quests offered in Normal/Heroic Throne of Thunder.


Slay the Rocky Horror.


Words fail to describe the massive horror of rock, bone, and blood that rumbles mindlessly and aimlessly ahead of you.

Massive earthquakes crack the seemingly hollow shell of ground beneath the figure, leaving destruction in its wake. It appears that the creature is unaware of your presence.


You will receive:
Inv misc bag 17.png [Spoils of the Thunder King]


This weekly raid quest is offered in the large area between Tortos and Megaera in the  [Forgotten Depths]. The Rocky Horror, as with other weekly quest mobs, replaces the trash mobs that normally spawn in the area.

Throw Stalactite inflicts a moderate amount of 150k damage, and Tremor will cause 85k. The real threat is its Horrifying Roar, which has a 35-yard radius and fears players for 5 seconds. It is recommended, because of the AoE fear, to clear a large area of all mushroom and trash mobs before engaging the Rocky Horror.


The quest name is a possible reference to a something positive comic strip, where in frustration the Game Master proclaims "rocks fall, everyone dies" in response to a nonsensical event.

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