Rogue abilities are abilities that rogues use. Most abilities are shared between all specializations, while some are only specific to one (or two) specializations.


All rogues automatically learn the following spells at the specified level, regardless of specialization.

Ability Level
[Sinister Strike] 1
[Eviscerate] 2
[Cheap Shot] 3
[Stealth] 3
[Fleet Footed] 4
[Sprint] 5
[Kick] 6
[Ambush] 7
[Crimson Vial] 8
[Slice and Dice] 9
[Instant Poison] 10/Quest
[Sap] 11
[Kidney Shot] 13
[Pick Lock] 14
[Evasion] 21
[Vanish] 23
[Pick Pocket] 24
[Distract] 28
[Shiv] 32
[Crippling Poison] 33
[Feint] 34
[Wound Poison] 38
[Blind] 39
[Cloak of Shadows] 47
[Tricks of the Trade] 48
[Shroud of Concealment] 49
[Numbing Poison] 54


The three rogue specializations are Assassination (melee DPS), Outlaw (melee DPS) and Subtlety (melee DPS).

For a summary of the character and strengths of each spec, see Rogue specializations.


Talents become available at level 15. Only one talent can be chosen from each tier.

They can be swapped out any time outside of a rested area using  [Tome of the Tranquil Mind].

Rogue talents
Level Choices
15 Assassination [Master Poisoner] [Elaborate Planning] [Blindside]
Outlaw [Weaponmaster] [Quick Draw] [Ghostly Strike]
Subtlety [Premeditation] [Gloomblade]
25 Assassination [Nightstalker] [Subterfuge] Master Assassin
Outlaw [Acrobatic Strikes] Retractable Hook [Hit and Run]
Subtlety [Nightstalker] [Subterfuge] [Shadow Focus]
30 [Vigor] [Deeper Stratagem] [Marked for Death]
35 Assassination [Leeching Poison] [Cheat Death] [Elusiveness]
Outlaw [Iron Stomach]
Subtlety [Soothing Darkness]
40 Assassination [Internal Bleeding] Iron Wire [Prey on the Weak]
Outlaw [Dirty Tricks] Blinding Powder (rogue talent)
Subtlety Shot in the Dark [Night Terrors]
45 Assassination [Venom Rush] [Alacrity] [Exsanguinate]
Outlaw Loaded Dice [Dreadblades]
Subtlety [Dark Shadow] [Enveloping Shadows]
50 Assassination Poison Bomb (rogue talent) Hidden Blades [Crimson Tempest]
Outlaw Dancing Steel (rogue talent) Blade Rush [Killing Spree]
Subtlety [Master of Shadows] Secret Technique Shuriken Tornado

PvP talents

PvP talents become available at level 20. Up to 3 PvP talents may be active at any given time (with additional slots becoming available at levels 30 and 40).

These talents are active in the open world with War Mode turned on, as well as during instanced PvP. They have no effect in dungeons and raids.


Glyphs are items that can change a spell or ability's visual appearance. Most glyphs are crafted by scribes, are color-coded by class, and can be applied as early as level 11. They can be removed at any time outside of combat using  [Vanishing Powder].

Glyph Used on
 [Glyph of Blackout] [Sap]
 [Glyph of Burnout] [Sprint]
 [Glyph of Disguise] [Pick Pocket]
 [Glyph of Flash Bang] [Distract]


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