Roleplaying gear, also known as "Town Gear", is gear chosen for aesthetics rather than a game play advantage. It is sometimes used by roleplayers as a way to help distinguish or add flavor to their character, but is more often than not chosen simply because it looks good. RP gear is distinguished from transmogrification gear by the fact that it is not always valid for transmogrification. For instance, a plate wearing class may choose to wear a cloth robe for their RP Gear, which would not be valid for transmogrification. Any gear can potentially be RP Gear. Typically, gear that changes the look of the character is chosen, but even items that can only be seen on inspection can be used to add flavor.


Acquiring RP Gear can be a drive for players to do older content, including dungeons, raids, quests, and reputation grinds. It can also drive Poor or common quality to ludicrous prices on the auction house. As an example: during Vanilla, the Twill "Set" - a collection of level 50-60 poor quality items - was highly sought by roleplayers, and would sell on the auction house for several gold.

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