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Roles In Bastion: The Watcher

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Roles In Bastion: The Watcher.

Roles In Bastion: The Watcher is a scroll found in the Vestibule of Eternity in Bastion.


Roles In Bastion: The Watcher

Watchers perform a difficult and emotionally taxing role among the kyrian.

It is they who linger at the edge of the Veil and greet mortal souls who seek to cross into the Shadowlands. It is the Watchers who weigh that soul, peer into its existence and judge whether it is their time.

As a Watcher, you will be burdened with that soul's memories, and you will see and know things that will weigh heavy on your mind. This role is only for the strong of heart, for those who can endure with the Purpose in mind at all times.

Few ultimately choose this path, but those that do are held among the highest regard.

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