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For the dwarf, see Rom.
Image of Rolm
Title <Profession Trainer>
Gender Male
Race Gilgoblin (Humanoid)
Level 50
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Unshackled
Location Newhome, Nazjatar
Status Alive

Rolm is a gilgoblin located at Newhome in Nazjatar.


Item Cost
 [Aquadynamic Fish Attractor] 2s 50c
 [Blacksmith Hammer] 18c
 [Bright Baubles] 2s 50c
 [Choral Honey] 2g 50s
 [Copper Rod] 1s 24c
 [Crystal Vial] 1s 50c
 [Enchanting Vellum] 10s
 [Explorer's Pack] 200g
 [Fishing Pole] 23c
 [Foosaka] 2g 50s
 [Fresh Potato] 2g 50s
 [Herbalist's Spade] 1s 5c
 [Jeweler's Kit] 8s
 [Light Parchment] 15c
 [Major's Frothy Coffee] 50c
 [Mild Spices] 10c
 [Mining Pick] 81c
 [Nightcrawlers] 1s
 [Oversized Bobber] 2g 20s
 [Powdered Sugar] 2g 50s
 [Refreshing Spring Water] 25c
 [Shiny Bauble] 50c
 [Simple Flour] 25c
 [Simple Wood] 38c
 [Skinning Knife] 82c
 [Strong Fishing Pole] 9s 2c
 [Tinker's Kit] 2g
 [Vanishing Powder] 40s
 [Virtuoso Inking Set] 7s 50c
 [Wild Berries] 2g 50s
 [Wild Flour] 2g 50s






If we're gonna free more folk, we'll need resources to support our efforts.

It is not as glamorous as crafting the arms and potions, but without those resources, we may never defeat the naga threat.

Trainer Train me in Herbalism.

Trainer Train me in Skinning.

Trainer Train me in Mining.

Trainer Train me in Cooking.

Trainer Train me in Fishing.

Buy Let me browse your goods.

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