Romp in the Swamp

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HordeRomp in the Swamp
Start Automatic
End Provisioner Lija [39.0, 79.4]
Level 110 - 120 (Requires 110)
Category Faction Assaults
Experience 26,800
Reputation +500 The Honorbound
+500 Talanji's Expedition
Rewards  [Azerite Armor Cache]
 [Honorbound Equipment Cache]
5x [Honorbound Service Medal]
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [110 - 120] March on the Marsh.


Repel the Alliance forces assaulting Nazmir.


Alliance armies are landing on the shores of Nazmir. Drive them back to the sea. Zandalar is ours!


You will receive:
Inv misc chest azerite.png [Azerite Armor Cache] Inv bfa paragoncache honorbound.png [Honorbound Equipment Cache]

You will also receive:


Nazmir belongs to the Zandalari, and the Horde!


Thank you, <name>. We cannot allow anyone to take dis land from us.

Not de blood trolls. Not de Alliance. Not any outsiders.

Dis land belong to de Zandalari... and de Horde. Forever.


On accept
High Warlord Cromush says: It's likely that the Alliance will fall victim to the blood trolls, but I want to ensure their demise. Cut them down wherever you find them.
Repel 4 Alliance attacks
High Warlord Cromush says: Good work, soldier! Now meet up with Rokhan to deliver the crushing blow!
Ride the rocket
Unpaid Rocket Intern says: Alright, the safety protocols are-- Oops!
Unpaid Rocket Intern yells: Hold on tight!
After a bit of an interesting ride, the adventurer arrives on the aircraft carrier.
Pozzik says: This'll put that buffoon Fizzle in his place...
Pozzik says: Thinks he can tell me how to improve an engine...
Pozzik spits on the deck of the ship.
Ride the bomber
Pozzik yells: Welcome aboard! And hold on tight... We're gonna have to break some speed records to get off this runway.
Pozzik says: Phew... I never doubted this tough hunk of boom!
Pozzik says: The mission site ain't far away. Alliance is hauling in an army the size of Gallywix's chin.
Pozzik says: Not sure why they want that piece of cursed coast so bad, but it saves us the costs of shipping this bad boy over to Kul Tiras.
Pozzik says: Speaking of which, give the weapons a try. This is the perfect bomber-dogfighter-food-shipping-container combo!
Pozzik says: We're almost there.... You ready to prove to potential investors that this thing can hold her own on the battlefield?
Pozzik yells: The controls are all yours!
Pozzik yells: I'm gonna give those gnomes a fistful of boom!
7th Legion Gyrocopter says: Pozzik got me... the goblin... got me!
7th Legion Mechanostrider says: That bomb... drops bombs!
Encounter the baron
Pozzik yells: Ah scrap, it's the baron! Move, move, move!
Pozzik yells: This guy's downed more goblin pilots than the rest of the Alliance squadrons combined!
Undeterred, the adventurer guns down the baron's gyrocopter.
Baron Cloudsnipe says: Curse you, Pozzik!
Alliance army obliterated
Rokhan says: Da spirits be sayin' a big shot from da Alliance be hidin' somewhere in here. Show dem dat da Horde can reach dem, no matter where dey be.
Flagship found
Pozzik yells: This baby's comin' loose at the bolts! I'll fix 'er up while you take out the captain.
Captain Beamwind
Captain Beamwind says: Rebellious winds of Zandalar, heed my call!
Captain Beamwind says: Fickle, finicky gusts of bluffs... You've doomed me...
Rokhan says: If dat don't convince da Alliance to leave Nazmir for good, I be tinkin' nothin' will.
The adventurer heads back to Pozzik's Experimental Bomber.
Pozzik yells: Let's leave some scorch marks!
Pozzik yells: Eat smoke, Fizzle!
Pozzik says: Ha ha ha!
Pozzik says: What a rush! <Name>, that was more fun than any of the races back at the ol' speedbarge.
Pozzik says: Maybe fighting in a war ain't so bad after all...
Pozzik says: Let those old orcs know they can count on me the next time they need something fast and deadly built, yeah?
Pozzik says: I'll be seein' ya around, <name>.
The bomber lands back on the air carrier.
Pozzik says: Wait'll you see the next version of my bomber, <name>... It's gonna blow your doors off!
The adventurer takes the nearby Bon Voyage 6000.
Unpaid Rocket Intern says: Wait! I wasn't finished yet.
Unpaid Rocket Intern yells: This isn't my fault!
Another interesting ride later has the adventurer back at the Gloomwater Span.

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