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Rufus Montaine
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Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation(s) House Proudmoore
Occupation Knight
Location Theramore
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Morgan (father)
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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Sir Rufus Montaine was a handsome red-haired human knight who died during the Battle of Theramore. Although he fought on the side of Daelin Proudmoore during the battle, "his honor was without stain" and he is remembered with honor as the one that taught Thrall "...about respect", and being "...a very good teacher" in the lesson.

Thrall had first encountered Rufus at Durnholde Keep during one of Aedelas Blackmoore's gladiatorial tournaments. Rufus was with his mercenary father Morgan as spectators at the tournament. Rufus was impressed by Thrall and saw dignity in the orc. He wanted to know what his grandfather knew, when he fought the orcs in the Second War; the spirit of the orcs. His father was reluctant, and didn't want his son to fight, but was goaded into giving permission by fellow mercenaries and Blackmoore himself. He was given permission to duel with Thrall using battlesticks. Rufus bowed before Thrall before the match began to show respect to the young orc (although Thrall thought it an odd gesture). Both fighters were skilled, and the duel lasted a while, but Thrall ultimately won. Rufus smiled at Thrall as he got up, and shook Thrall's hand in respect (despite his father's disgust at the action). It was the first time anyone had ever shown Thrall that gesture and he had no idea what it meant, or what the emotion was. It was the first time anyone had ever shown him respect.

Some time later still in his youth, he left his home and pledged his service to the Proudmoore family, after his father had gotten into shady dealings. Years later, he traveled with Proudmoore to Kalimdor and died during when the Horde besieged Theramore. He fought in a particularly fierce section of the battle in a field of tall grass. He fought against six high ranked orcs. During the skirmish he was wounded many times (though his face was unblemished), and two arrows were shot into his back. He was killed in that spot.

His body was later discovered on the battlefield by Jaina and Thrall not long after the battle. Jaina recognized his crest and his reputation. She remembered him as the grandson of a Montaine that fought by her father's side during the Second war. Thrall remembered him as being the teacher who taught him respect. Thrall closed the dead knight's eyes, and they tended his body with honor.[1]



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