Ruined Reaches

The Ruined Reaches.jpg
The Ruined Reaches

The Ruined Reaches form the southern coast of Azshara near the border to Durotar. It is mostly stretches of beach and cliffs broken up by inlets of water and dotted with various ruins and shipwrecks. Like the Jagged Reef to the north, travel along the reaches can be hazardous, both due to the treacherous shallows lying just below the surface of the ocean, but also due to aggressive murlocs, hydras, and makrura. On the western shores of the Ruined Reaches is a gnomish building on a hill (accessible by the main land down a steep path, not on the beach [45, 88]


Blip.png ) where Blimo Gadgetspring and Jubie Gadgetspring make their home and business selling engineering and trade supplies. If you ride the elevator up to the second floor, you'll find their bedroom with a third bed. It is unknown who, if anyone, sleeps in the extra bed.

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