Ruins of Ahmtul.

The Ruins of Ahmtul[45, 16] are the remnants of an ancient tol'vir city[1] in the northern Sahket Wastes in Uldum. The Wastewander bandits' ringleader Warlord Ihsenn is found here.

The legendary tol'vir smith Irmaat was from Ahmtul. When he attempted to capture the essence of Al'Akir into a pair of handblades known as the Fists of the Heavens, Al'Akir poured enormous elemental power into the weapons. When Irmaat attempted to use their power, the raw fury of the elements buried Ahmtul in the sand, leaving it in its current state.[1]

Ruins of Ahmtul Digsite

Ruins of Ahmtul Digsite map.jpg

The Ruins of Ahmtul are a tol'vir archaeology dig site.

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