Ruins of Ravenwind

The Ruins of Ravenwind[41, 12] are the remains of an ancient Kaldorei civilization in northern Feralas, specifically the Highborne (much like Dire Maul). It is currently overrun with Northspring harpies.

Ravenwind Digsite

Ravenwind Digsite map.jpg

The Ravenwind dig site is a night elf archaeology site that covers the Ruins of Ravenwind and some of the surrounding area.

Old notes

  • A quest from Feathermoon Stronghold once sent Alliance players to this ruin in search of several magic flames and an altar to recharge the  [Stave of Equinex].
  • Shay Leafrunner, a rather absent-minded young night elf girl, could also be found here. She could be escorted back to her guardian friend, Rockbiter, a mountain giant to the south of the ruins. (Rockbiter was a reference to Never Ending Story. A reference that became even more obvious when you read the quest dialog)
  • Some way north of the ruins, players ran into Miblon Snarltooth, a hungry Gnoll that zealously guarded a small nursery of  [Evoroot]. He had a taste for meat.
  • There was also a group of Jaedemir dragons near the ruins, who were bent on protecting the large tree located at the center. These dragons made it very difficult for lower-level characters to complete the Feathermoon quest unless they stuck to the pond while looking for the flames. If you must travel into that area, the dragonkin will not pursue players swimming in the lake, even if previously aggroed.

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