The Ruins of the First Bastion.

The Ruins of the First Bastion are the ruins of a major Gorian Empire city located in Deeproot. They connect to the ruined gates known as the Broken Spine and the Overlook Ruins. The road at Wildwood Wash may have once been connected before one end fell into the Crimson Fen/Mistcreep Mire area, but there are no visible ruined roads going that way.

The area has been taken over by the primals, led by Malkor, The Last Poolkeeper.

Ruins of the First Bastion Digsite

Also the location of an Ogre archaeology site.


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High Centurion Tormmok and the Destroyed Expedition were most likely looking for this place. If so, it was allegedly the "first ogre civilization" (unknown relation to Goria).

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