For the world boss, see Rukhmar (tactics). For the main-universe version, see Rukhmar.
Image of Rukhmar
Title Sun God[1] / Sun-God[2]
Gender Female
Race(s) Firehawk / primal god
Affiliation(s) Adherents of Rukhmar
Occupation Sun Goddess of the Arakkoa, Mother of the Kaliri
Location Spires of Arak
Status Killable
Relative(s) Rukhran, kaliri, arakkoa ("children")

Rukhmar is an avian sun goddess from Draenor who helped Anzu to slay Sethe. After the Raven Lord faded into darkness, she created the arakkoa to represent her grace and his cunning.[3] Rukhmar fears and hates the Arakkoa Outcasts, for they have been cursed by Sethe. Her loyal high arakkoa followers, the Adherents of Rukhmar, wage war on the cursed arakkoa in her name. The kaliri are Rukhmar's children as well,[4] and Rukhran is rumored to be her progeny.


The Gods of Arak

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Warlords of Draenor

Warlords of Draenor This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor.

On the alternate Draenor the war between the High Arakkoa and the Arakkoa Outcasts is still ongoing with the Iron Horde, seemingly, largely uninvolved for the time being. But on this Draenor, the arakkoa received aid from adventurers from the main-universe Azeroth who saved their race from corruption and annihilation, though it seems Rukhmar may not be so lucky as she was eventually struck down by the adventurers.

Rukhmar's Lullaby

Rukhmar's lullaby was sung by her to the first arakkoa and appears to predict Anzu's return from darkness, as well as hinting a duality between both deities:

"Shadows gather when the raven swallows the day.

Burning sky is extinguished as black wings fold gently about the heavens.

Rest, my children, rest. For even the sun must sleep."[5]


  • Rukhmar is also the objective of rare garrison mission: "A manifestation of a Sun God, Rukhmar demands fealty and obedience. She will not be defeated easily."
    • Prior to patch 6.2 she was mistakenly referred to as a male in the mission description.
  • The weapon known as the Talon of Rukhmar, which was used by the Adherents to sever the wings of heretics before casting them into Sethekk Hollow, was said to have been made from Rukhmar's own quills and talons.[6]

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