NeutralRule 1: Have an Escape Plan
Start Ve'nari [46.9, 41.7]
End Ve'nari [46.9, 41.7]
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Maw
Experience 7,500
Reputation +1 Ve'nari
Rewards 24g 57s
Previous N [60] Setting the Ground Rules
Next N [60] Rule 2: Keep a Low Profile


Rescue 5 souls and retrieve 60 Stygia.

Stronger enemies will have a higher chance to drop large amounts of Stygia.

Use the Stygia to purchase a Cypher of Relocation from Ve'nari.


Many doomed souls suffer within the Maw. You must be careful if you do not wish to join them.

Your Soulkeeper can hold a small number of souls until you return to your covenant. But that will be of little benefit if you do not survive this place yourself.

There is a substance, stygia, that is found on some creatures within the Maw. The stronger the soul, the more stygia they have.

Collect some of it for me and I can fashion it into many things you will find quite useful.


You will receive:


I will gladly assist you in the acquisition of survival tools... provided you bring me the stygia.


You seem to have a knack for drawing the Jailer's attention.

This changes the terms of our arrangement.


On accept:

Ve'nari says: Rule 1: Always have an exit strategy. To ensure one's continued existence within the Maw, one must maintain a plan of escape at all times.
Ve'nari says: I acknowledge the irony of me creating this rule despite my current inability to depart this place. You may laugh--briefly--without causing offense.
Ve'nari says: Enough chuckling. Gather the stygia I require and return with haste. Your cypher awaits!

Exit the refuge and look all over for mobs to kill and Soul Cages to open. Cages are marked on the minimap with treasure chests. Open a cage to free a Caged Soul, then click on the Caged Soul to actually advance the quest. Wailing Souls also count - interact with one between its Overwhelming Misery casts to collect it. Each soul is worth roughly twenty Stygia, so just freeing the souls will gather enough stygia for the quest.

  • Caged Soul says: They have taken... everything...
  • Caged Soul says: Can you... hear me?
  • Caged Soul says: The last of my strength... is yours.
The soul enters your Soulkeeper.

A good target as far as mobs to kill go are elites - marked with skulls on the minimap. They will drop a significant amount of stygia, but are under the Jailer's eye.

Acquire 60 stygia:

The Jailer says: You trespass in my domain, mortal. No matter where you hide... I will find you.

This unlocks the Eye of the Jailer mechanic.

Return to Ve'nari and purchase the  [Cypher of Relocation] from her.


  1. N [60] Setting the Ground Rules
  2. N [60] Rule 1: Have an Escape Plan
  3. N [60] Rule 2: Keep a Low Profile
  4. N [60] Rule 3: Trust is Earned
  5. N [60] Hopeful News

Beta version

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.
Until the emergence of mortals who could walk the Maw, the Mawsworn didn't bother chasing their enemies for long. You pose a rather unique threat, to them and to me.
I can help you better understand your enemy, and operate within the Maw. Know that I shall not do so without the benefits of your labor.
Fetch me some stygia from beyond my cloak's protection. For your trouble, I will trade a Cypher of Relocation.
Ably done, Maw Walker. I am certain this is all most overwhelming.
Make sure you hold on tight to that cypher. You'll need it.
Alpha dialogue
Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the alpha stages.
Ve'nari says: It is surprising what can you find lying around the Maw if you know where to look.
Ve'nari says: Apparently this one didn't meet the Jailer's exacting specifications.
Ve'nari says: No need to worry about his condition. He is content. And, you may leave here with him when our bargain is met.

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