NeutralRule 5: Be Audacious
Start Ve'nari [46.9, 41.7]
End Ve'nari [46.9, 41.7]
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Maw
Experience 10,200
Reputation +100 Ve'nari
Rewards Access to Perdition Hold
 [Prepare for Trouble!]
51g 48s
Previous N [60] Rule 4: Make A List
Next Perdition Hold weekly quest, N [60] Rule 6: Concealment is Everything (at Ambivalent)

Rule 5: Be Audacious is offered by Ve'nari to players who have reached Tentative standing with her, unlocking access to Perdition Hold. The next quest is offered at Ambivalent standing with her.


Investigate the increased activity within Perdition Hold.


You have proven yourself a useful associate, <class>. In thanks, I have crafted a cypher that will allow you to venture further into the Maw.

But... it is experimental in nature. You will have to test it in the field. And I have just the test in mind.

Cartel Ve has foolishly sent more agents into the Maw. They were captured and taken to Perdition Hold. I must know why.

Breach the fortress and learn what has become of the captive brokers. Nothing is more valuable than knowledge of your enemy's plans.


You will receive:


What have you discovered, Maw Walker?


The Beastwarrens, you say... I wonder what they are plotting...

Such an embarrassment that they were discovered and captured in the first place. It seems Cartel Ve has become quite careless in my absence.

You have my gratitude for your assistance, as always. I will inform you when I have need of your services again.


On accept:

Ve'nari says: Rule 5: Be audacious, when the situation demands it. The Mawsworn rarely expect this.
Ve'nari says: Perdition Hold is teeming with activity. I must know why.
Ve'nari says: Take this experimental cypher. Should it function as I expect, entering Perdition Hold should not result in your sudden demise. Probably.

Head south of Zovaal's Cauldron through Calcis and across the bridge to the Face of Oblivion. As players cross the bridge, a squad of winged mawsworn fly through, with a Clandestine Operative in tow.

Clandestine Operative says: Where are you taking me?!
Clandestine Operative says: Help!
Clandestine Operative says: Let go of me!

Get to the gate at [34, 56] and use the provided  [Cypher of Obfuscation]:

Enemies within Perdition Hold sense your [Exposed Anima]!

Kill a path through the two Mawsworn Veteran guards, then interact with the Suspicious Operative from Cartel Ve just on the other side of the gate.

Suspicious Operative says: Xeros... has... the others...

Speak with the broker:

Captured... tortured... broken...
Xeros... taking others... to Beastwarrens...
Failed... our assignment...
Gossip What does Xeros want with the brokers?
Suspicious Operative says: Ve'nari...
The operative draws their final breath.

Xeros's location lights up on the exposed island to the northwest of Perdition Hold at [26.4, 54.8]. Consider using an invisibility item (like the  [Oil of Ethereal Force]) to skip past most of the mobs in the area.

Crossing the bridge to Xeros' tower, another squad of winged mawsworn fly through, with Clandestine Operatives in tow.

Clandestine Operative says: Leave me be!
Clandestine Operative says: Release me!

Aggro Xeros:

Seeker Xeros says: You will join the brokers in the Beastwarrens!

Defeat him:

Seeker Xeros says: They will... lead us... to her...

On complete:

Ve'nari says: I must confess, I was not certain you would return. Do not take this as a compliment.

After turning in, Ve'nari has new gossip:

You were not followed, were you?

Gossip Aren't you concerned about the brokers who were taken to the Beastwarrens?

It is unfortunate that they should suffer such a fate, but make no mistake. They are as much our enemy as are the Mawsworn.
Those brokers were doomed from the moment they arrived. And even if you rescued them, doing so would only invite ruin upon us both.
A ruthless mentality, I admit. But it is one that is necessary for survival in the Maw.
You would do well to remember that.

Completing this quest offers a Perdition Hold weekly group quest, like N [60WG] Words of Warding.


  1. N [60] Trust Issues
  2. N [60] Rule 4: Make A List
  3. N [60] Rule 5: Be Audacious (requires Tentative)
  4. N [60] Rule 6: Concealment is Everything (requires Ambivalent)
    • Optional side chain:
    1. N [60] Rule 6 Footnote: Don't Forget Anything (optional breadcrumb)
    2. N [60] Rule 6 Addendum: Save Me At Any Cost
  5. N [60] Rule 7: Betrayal is Inevitable (requires Appreciative)

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The Mawsworn are rarely subtle when they have new orders.

Whatever they've got in mind, it cannot be good for either of us.

Go to Perdition Hold, find the reason for their agitation, and deal with it. This cypher will obscure your identity well enough.

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