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Image of Rumblefitz
Gender Male
Race Goblin
Occupation Alchemist, Servant of Zhahara Darksquall, Partner to Blokk
Location Azshara
Status Frozen
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Rumblefitz was a goblin alchemist who was hired by Zhahara Darksquall to find the Pearl of Pandaria. He was partnered to the ogre Blokk.

On a personal level, Rumblefitz worked with Zhahara because she promised him access to the rare alchemical texts hidden within the libraries on the Wandering Isle. By his own admission, he had a habit of talking too much and people couldn't tell when he was kidding; he'd been told he was "unreadable."


Rumblefitz and Blokk spied on Li Li Stormstout and Strongbo as they made their way from Westfall to Stormwind. The goblin sent his companion to seek out Zhahara and tell her that he had found two pandaren and was planning on following them.

Rumblefitz pursued his targets to the Deeprun Tram. However, once on the tram car, Strongbo noticed the goblin and realized that he had been following them all day. In response, Rumblefitz tossed an explosive potion which sent several passengers flying and knocked Bo onto the car behind them. After a brief duel, Li Li managed to kick the alchemist off the car and onto the tracks below.

The goblin later heard from the dwarves at Brewfest of how the two pandaren had visited the festival. As Li Li and Bo made their way to Kalimdor aboard a zeppelin, Rumblefitz, Blokk, and the blademaster Rahjak pursued them on a ship. When Rumblefitz pointed out that the pandaren were pulling away, Rahjak simply stated that Zhahara would find them should the trio lose track of them, and either way the pandaren were sure to draw attention wherever they went. Rahjak explained that he intended to face Bo in combat in hopes of finding the moment called the "breath of eternity", but that Rumblefitz' stupidity could cost him his chance. The blademaster warned that if an incident like the Deeprun Tram happened again, he would skin Rumblefitz alive. When Rumblefitz started to reply in a mocking manner, Rahjak punched Blokk in the chest, causing the ogre to vomit, and then amended his statement: he would skin Rumblefitz alive, then feed what was left of him to the ogre. He finally stated, however, that he would let Rumblefitz live for now since Zhahara apparently saw something in him.

Rahjak eventually managed to capture Li Li in Azshara after she got separated from Strongbo. Zhahara's cohorts brought the pandaren to an island and chained her up, with Rumblefitz brewing a potion to drain her of her magic. Li Li tried to convince the goblin to help her stop Zhahara, but Rumblefitz explained that the naga had promised him first crack at the pandaren's alchemical texts. In response, Li Li asked if he had ever thought about simply asking to see the texts. The conversation was interrupted by Rahjak, who told Rumblefitz to give the pandaren a spyglass so she could watch Bo die once he arrived to save her.

Bo arrived at sunrise and began fighting Rahjak, but Li Li managed to escape her bonds after tricking Blokk. As she rushed toward Bo, Rumblefitz tried to stop her by throwing a potion which Li Li tossed back at him. The bottle shattered, instantly freezing Rumblefitz into a gold statue.[1]