Gender Male
Race Eternal One (Humanoid)
Level 60
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Runecarver's Oubliette, Torghast, Tower of the Damned

The Runecarver is found imprisoned in the Runecarver's Oubliette in Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Using [Soul Ash], this master smith can help the Maw Walkers craft powerful pieces of legendary equipment.

The Runecarver was imprisoned in Torghast long ago and no longer remembers his life before he was a prisoner. His designs were extracted from him and used for the Mawsworn army. He was forced against his will by the Jailer to craft Frostmourne and the Helm of Domination, referred to by Zovaal as the "vessels of Domination".[1] Ve'nari believes that the Runecarver shouldn't be trusted.[2]

During the Chains of Domination campaign, after recovering the sigil of the Necrolords and bringing it to the Runecarver, it was revealed that the Runecarver was actually the Primus himself.[3] After defending against the Jailer's attack on the Runecarver's Oubliette, the Primus left an echo of his Runecarver form to aid other Maw Walkers and left for Korthia.[4]


After reaching max level, choosing a covenant, and completing the first chapter of the covenant campaign, players are directed to Torghast. There, they will discover a mysterious key that unlocks the way to the Runecarver. Once players manage to release one of the Runecarver's hands, players are granted the ability to craft Shadowlands legendaries.

  1. N [60] Deep Within AvailablequestActivequest
  2. N [60] Reawakening AvailablequestActivequest
  3. N [60] A Damned Pact Availablequest
  4. N [60] The Weak Link Activequest
  5. N [60] Ashes of the Tower AvailablequestActivequest
  6. N [60] The Final Pieces AvailablequestActivequest

Legendary crafting

The Runecarving interface.

To craft a legendary, players will need a base item from one of the production professions (Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, or Jewelcrafting), two missives crafted with Inscription, Soul Ash, and a memory of the Runecarver legendary recipe, which is unlocked by completing other objectives in the game (raids, PvP, mythic dungeons, etc).

Base items

Concept art for Runecarving (and Sanctum of Domination) armor. From left to right: cloth, leather, mail, plate.

Players who have Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, or Jewelcrafting as one of their primary professions will unlock the recipes for base items by playing max-level content. The crafted items are not soulbound, and can be traded or sold on the Auction House to other players.

Base items start at item level 190 and have four ranks, up to item level 235. Crafters can produce base items for all eight armor slots, as well as necklaces and rings. As players repeat crafts they will unlock higher ranks of the item, which require the same ingredients, but more of them.

Base items
Slot Cloth Leather Mail Plate
Head  [Grim-Veiled Hood]  [Umbrahide Helm]  [Boneshatter Helm]  [Shadowghast Helm]
Shoulders  [Grim-Veiled Spaulders]  [Umbrahide Pauldrons]  [Boneshatter Pauldrons]  [Shadowghast Pauldrons]
Chest  [Grim-Veiled Robe]  [Umbrahide Vest]  [Boneshatter Vest]  [Shadowghast Breastplate]
Wrists  [Grim-Veiled Bracers]  [Umbrahide Armguards]  [Boneshatter Armguards]  [Shadowghast Armguards]
Hands  [Grim-Veiled Mittens]  [Umbrahide Gauntlets]  [Boneshatter Gauntlets]  [Shadowghast Gauntlets]
Waist  [Grim-Veiled Belt]  [Umbrahide Waistguard]  [Boneshatter Waistguard]  [Shadowghast Waistguard]
Legs  [Grim-Veiled Pants]  [Umbrahide Leggings]  [Boneshatter Greaves]  [Shadowghast Greaves]
Feet  [Grim-Veiled Sandals]  [Umbrahide Treads]  [Boneshatter Treads]  [Shadowghast Sabatons]


Scribes create missives, which define which stats the final legendary will have. Two different missives are required to craft a legendary:


Legendaries start at item level 190 (rank 1), which requires 1250 [Soul Ash], and scale up to item level 235, which requires 5150. Patch 9.1 adds the 249 and 262 item level upgrades, which require [Soul Cinders]. Patch 9.2 adds a final 291 upgrade, which requires [Cosmic Flux].

Shadowlands legendary costs
Rank Item level Ash Cinders Cosmic Flux
1 190 1250 0 0
2 210 2000 0 0
3 225 3200 0 0
4 235 5150 0 0
5 249 5150 1100 0
6 262 5150 1650 0
7 291 5150 1650 2000

Soul Ash and Soul Cinders are obtained by completing Layers of Torghast, Tower of the Damned. The amount of soul ash and soul cinders awarded by each layer is cumulative, so there is no benefit in running trivial layers. For instance, defeating a boss on layer 4 will award 375 Soul Ash. As of patch 9.1.5 there is no limit to how much can be earned. Cosmic Flux cannot be obtained in Torghast, and is instead found in Zereth Mortis. It is also possible to purchase packs of 5150 Soul Ash and 1650 Soul Cinders for 3000 Cosmic Flux (allowing one to craft a Rank 7 legendary for a total of 5000 Cosmic Flux).

Ash and cinders
Layer Ash Cinders
1 180 0
2 150 (330) 0
3 130 (460) 0
4 105 (565) 0
5 90 (655) 0
6 75 (730) 0
7 70 (800) 0
8 60 (860) 170
9 55 (915) 60 (230)
10 45 (960) 40 (270)
11 40 (1000) 40 (310)
12 30 (1030) 40 (350)


To upgrade legendaries to a higher rank, return with a higher-rank base item and the requisite amount of soul ash and soul cinders. For instance, to upgrade to rank 3 from rank 2, 1200 Soul Ash is required.

Legendary powers

Players will be able to loot Memories of the Runecarver after they first unlock the Runecarver in N [60] The Weak Link, which awards the achievement  [The Forgotten One]. After that, players can obtain memories through various means (such as killing specific bosses, gaining reputation or Renown, etc).

The Adventure Guide lists all available powers and their sources.


General powers are usable by all classes and specs.

Death knight

Demon hunter











Crafting cutscene

Once a base item, legendary power, and two missives have been selected and the player chooses to create the item, a cutscene plays, showing the Runecarver gathering Domination energy as the dial under him rotates before slamming his hand into the item to imbue it with power.


Do I know you? You don't look familiar...
Gossip I'd like to craft a legendary item.
If the adventurer has a crafting profession
You have the look of a... crafter?
If you possess the skills, I can impart my knowledge to you of how to create the vessels to hold the rune powers.
During N [60] Ashes of the Tower
Have you recovered any more of my memories?
The more you find, the more both of us shall benefit.


  • I... remember... you.
  • I will aid you as I can.
  • We must stop him.
  • I recall... so... little.
  • This place holds countless legends.
  • Fate has brought our paths together.
  • The past is a shattered mirror.
  • What have you found?
  • Do not lose yourself to despair.
  • We walk among the fragments of memory.
  • Go carefully into the darkness.
  • Beware the Jailer's Eye.
  • Safeguard your soul, mortal.
  • Within these halls lie horrors beyond imagining.


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Notes and trivia

  • During development, the Runecarver was referred to as the Runesage[5] or the Blacksmith.[6]
  • The idea of a blacksmith that made magical weapons is likely rooted in Hephaestus, while the notion of a master runesmith could be an attribution to Odin, who is said to have invented the Futhark runes.


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