Runes Within the Ruins

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NeutralRunes Within the Ruins
Start Nicholo Swiftfuse
End Nicholo Swiftfuse
Level 104 (Requires 104)
Category Inscription
Experience 15,620
Rewards 17g
Previous N Inscription [104] Mysterious Messages
Next N Inscription [104] Not So Complex?


Collect 10 Ancient Vrykul Rune Tablets within Haustvald.


Unfortunately, Pallin's codex isn't complete. There are many symbols here that simply cannot be deciphered with what we've learned.

Looks like we'll need to go and collect more tablets down in the area that the vrykul call Haustvald.


You will receive: 17g


We need those tablets if we're to progress any further in deciphering their language.


I believe these have enough information for us to finish the codex. Excellent work, <name>.

If you don't mind me saying, it's nice to finally not be the one running errands.



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