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Runes of Power

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NeutralRunes of Power
Start Zaria Shadowheart
End Zaria Shadowheart
Level 102 (Requires 102)
Category Inscription
Experience 15,340
Rewards Recipe: Glyph of Crackling Flames
16g 20s
Previous N Inscription [102] Control is Key / N Demon hunter Inscription [102] Control is Key
Next N Inscription [102] The Burdens of Hunting


Study 8 Fel Power Runes.


Look closely, scribe, and you may learn. As the demons spread out over a region, the more clever ones will inscribe runes upon the ground. The fel taint pervades this entire hillside, but the corruption is darkest around these runes, disallowing anything pure to grow ever again.

Study these runes.


You will learn: Recipe: Glyph of Crackling Flames

You will also receive: 16g 20s


As I'm sure you sensed, these runes hold quite a bit of energy.

Greater knowledge of the Legion is your best weapon against it.



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